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Out Of Time By Beth Flynn

Out of Time (Nine Minutes Book 2) - Beth Flynn

Quote: "The Dark King is gone. Can't play without the King"



Title: Out Of Time

Author: Beth Flynn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Released Date: July 23, 2015




It is so funny that I am talking about this book again. Just because I remember buying book 1 (Nine Minutes) and asking myself why was I even purchasing this book. Yes!, im guilty of judging the book by its cover. So thank you Megan for pushing me to read this. Because really if im being honest I would have not even looked at this wonderful books way. Yes I know, its horrible. But being that things worked out differently, let me get started on this book review. Now im going to be careful because I do not want to ruin this book for anyone. This book is written wonderfully and I believe that because of the way the book is written is what hooked me. It gives you flashes of the past and how the presents stories came to be for everyone. I mean how wonderful is that!...Just because I know that there was a lot of readers including myself that were left with a few questions about these lovely characters back story and how they came to be. And all that is answered in this book. Also besides giving you glimpses of the past, the actual present stories continues at the same time. I mean this book is written f'n Fantastic!!!...Bravo!....Beth Flynn..Bravo!!!. For giving us (the readers) another addicting story. Out Of Time had me on the edge of my sit, the book should have been called "The Truth". I really do believe that this book is totally written for Ginny, this book is were all the lies brake free. It had me gasping by all the lies that were told to her in book 1. I even had to go re-read certain parts of Nine Minutes. Just to refresh my memory on the story and conversations. Wow!!...I needed to get to the next chapter so badly to find out more, and I read right thru the night. Hit the last page of the book at 4:00 in the morning. And once I closed the book, I came to the conclusion that this book was never about Team Grizz/ Team Tommy, which by the way I was Team Grizz all the way!..lol. This book is all about Ginny, And im so glad that the author was able to give us that for her. And I think im going to stop now, because I feel that im so close on spilling the beans here :). *Side note series turned out to be a Trilogy!!!, Yes my Reading Junkies, we get Book 3!


Fight For Her

Fight for Her Vol. 1 (Uncaged Love, #6) - J.J.  Knight

Quote: Its like im discovering her all over again. When I move over her, my throat is tight. My feelings for her haven't changes at all. I thought they had gone, taken off like she had. Open when she opens for me, and I slide into her, Its like coming home.



Title: Fight For Her

Author: JJ Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance




So I just found out that Parker and Maddie story is a spinoff from the "Uncaged Series"  A series collection fromm JJ before this one. I will keep that in mind befor continuing this story. I prefer to find out all their beginning stories. As it is I feel so unprepared to even put this review up. So I apologize ahead of time for a very short review. So with that being said lets get down to the review of this wonderful book. I have literally fallen in love with this story. And maybe because Lily a 5 year old girl that's included in this book. For some reason every time a child is written in a book it always turns out to be the hook for me. Children my Kryptonite!!..Throughout the book there's is a lot of heartbreak, Lily wanting his Daddy to be with her. And The Aunt Delores and Maddie making it hard for Parker. Well I do have to say Maddie only in the beginning is very overprotective with Lily and as the Book progresses she starts to see the effort Parker is making to change his life to be with them. But Aunt Delores....Geez!, I really disliked her throughout the book. I can't really say to much about the backstories, for the same reason that I didn't realize that these characters come from another sister series from the same author. So I do have to say that I felt a little lost with all the snippets of everyone's story. But I promise that my next review on the next book for this series. I will be caught up with "Uncaged Series" and the next book in the "Fight For Her" series. I do have to add that the connection with all the characters in this specific book were made with a very easy flow. They were all likable in there own way. And I really am looking forward to getting to know more about them, and to find out what happens after this crazy Cliffhanger!...Yes people so if you don't like cliffhanger, this one certainly has one. Not to big, but certainly one that pushes you to start the next book on this series. Happy reading Kiddos!!


Stone Cold Bad

Stone Cold Bad: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 1) - Tess Oliver, Elizabeth Anna Hart


Quote: I could have asked his name, but it would be easier to forget him if I didn't know it.



Title: Stone Cold Bad (Stone Brothers Book1)

Author: Tess Oliver, Elizabeth Anna Hart

Genre: Romance



I mean I can definitely start this review by saying that I have found another set of brothers to add to my collection. Im actually on a roll here with all these new authors I have been picking up lately. And of course there is no disappointment at all. This book opens up amazingly, it catches your interest from the beginning. The opening chapters introduce you to our main lady. Jade Morrow a girl living a miserable life with a alcoholic bookie boyfriend, who decides to run. But once the running starts all the action does as well. And let me tell you it is non-stop. Now to the good stuff!..The Stone Brothers!!. I mean bad boys, heartbreakers, tough, dangerous, and plenty of tattoos. What a great Combo, right?!?! Colt, Hunter, and Slade are introduced to us as exactly that. So when Jade runs directly into one, Her impression of Colt is that she is trying to run away from a guy that is exactly him. But as the emotions start unraveling between them the chemistry is outstanding. Besides being believable I think its well paced. I also have to praise the authors of this book for giving us such great back story characters. Their story totally hooked me, and Amy has to be my Favorite of all. She was charismatic and such a wonderful addition to this story. I definitely cannot wait for book 2 (Heart Of Stone) to find out more on her sad story and hopefully have a happy ending for her. A happy ending I believe she truly deserves.

Now the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is two things. One I wished that Jade was not so "I have to leave one man, and move on to another so fast". Its like alittle struggle on her own would have probably done her well. And two, I really, really wished that the brothers back story from childhood was more played out in the book. Just so we as readers can really know were they came from and what really happened to them as kids. That would have really been the cherry ontop for me. Other than that, I don't have any complains. Loved it and totally will be continuing to the story of Amy and Hunter. Yay!! for that.  Totally recommend this book and series. Happy Reading Kiddos!!


Player By Joanna Blake

PLAYER - Joanna Blake, Pincushion Press, Shauna Kruse

Quote: " I'd spend my entire adolescences madly in love with him, A fucken jock who barely knew I was alive. I'd worked hard to get him out of my head and my stupid, teenage heart. And now, he was here, in my face hitting on me. Fuck Me."

- Joanna Blake, Player



Ahh yess...The quick reads I love so much. This has been the 3rd book I have read of Joanna Blake. And for some reason I always end up picking them up right when I feel a reading slump coming on. And after I read them BOOM! im back in business on my speed reading journey. Well that's what my husband calls it..lol. Any who!...Let me get the introductions started. In this book we meet Charismatic Man-whore James Fitzpatrick. A guy that came from nothing and has worked hard to be the best Quarterback on the field. Coming from nothing and now having anything he wants when he wants it, gets him by surprise when he meets Nadine and she turns him down. Sweet Nadine once crazy for James as teenage kids, feels nothing but resentment towards him for not remembering her.  Nadine doesn't understand how he doesn't remember her, with them growing up right next door to each other. And even times where his Mom took her in and feed her. Nadine to me has to be the total heart break of the story. Having such a hard life growing up with alcoholic parents and a abusive step-dad. She decided to run away from home and start her own life by herself away from them. Not realizing that she would end up in the same school with James himself. Once he lays eyes on her, and her refusing every play he throws at her, is when the fun begins. This story was cute, funny, and a sexy read. The characters are very welcoming and I love that about the authors books. I love how she is able to always combine and include a tough, protective, Alpha in every book. For they have been present in all 3 books I have read. The author always seems to make sure a Cocky alpha is stomped right on his ass by a cute next door kind of girl...Enjoy that very much..lol  Somehow I always wishe her book were a tad bit longer, just so we can get to know a little more about the characters and the story around them. Cause once I hit the ending im yelling at my poor kindle NOOoooo!!!!!... That's the only reason im not giving it a 5 star. Because other than that her books are a cute light reads, that get my reading pump going.  Enjoy My Reading Junkies!

Fighting To Breathe By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Fighting to Breathe - Aurora Rose Reynolds

Quote: "She's home and she's mine. The difference between me and you, even if she wanted to get away from me I would never let her go."

Aurora Rose Reynolds



Our queen of alpha's has done it again... Its no surprise that I got this book a soon as it came out. I knew that this was going to be another successful book and series for Aurora. In this book we meet Lea and Austin. Both growing up and planning their future together in a small town. But when tragedy hits Lea's life She prefers to run away from the only place she has called home and the only man she has ever loved. Fifteen years later she returns home to take care of her mom that has fallen ill. And being from a small town she knows it will be hard to avoid running into Austin. Austin still trying to move on from Lea's abandonment carries nothing but anger and resentment, so when the unforeseen happens, Austin feels the love and hate toward her as he felt 15 years ago when she left him. This was such a touching and heartfelt story, we as readers are able to feel these wonderful characters pain. And you want nothing but to fix the situation for them. And usually , I do not have patience for misunderstanding and miscommunication in love stories. Just because I see that its something that is so easy to fix between them. But with this book I got so lost in their story and pain that non of that mattered to me. The heart break of seeing her go through all that pain, it just became a big Kleenex moment..lol. Quick side note: I've read most of all Auroras books and series, and I've never read her writing about thirty something year olds. This was another big plus for me. Just because I could relate to these characters. She wrote about them wonderfully. And the only reason it got less than the five stars is because I would have loved for it to be a bit longer. But other than that it was perfect.Thank you Aurora for another great love story, and I cant wait to read Book 2: "Wide Open Spaces" The story of Zach and Shelby in the Series. Make sure to mark your calendars, coming 2016. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

KIng By T.M.Frazier

King (Volume 1) - T.M. Frazier

Quote: “I found myself again in the most unlikely place. I’d found myself again in the haunted eyes of a girl who was just as lost as I was. Or maybe, we didn’t find each other at all. Maybe, we just decided to be lost together.”
T.M. Frazier, King




I mean OMG!!!!...This book was Amazing. If I could give it more than 5 stars I totally would. It was dark and gritty from beginning to end. King himself was literally a controlling psycho and the hot and sexiness was off the richter scale. I mean the author most definitely gives us what we all love to hate about an alpha male. And Doe...literally as in Jane Doe is a vulnerable poor girl that suffers from memory lost, living in the streets and hanging around a prostitute. Trying to do what the prostitutes do to make it on the streets. Hence, how she ends up meeting King. I Love that Doe is a fighter and  ready to struggle with whatever life brings her. But with that said she also is loving and caring towards the people that are kind to her, and there's even occasions in the book were King treats her worst that crap, she is willing to show him kindness through all his blackness. King on the other hand is the whole opposite of Doe. Carrying so much anger for the cards that life has handed to him. His cruel and menacing throughout the whole book. There's a few instances where you get to see some kindness in him, although very short lived he shows that even though he is scary most of the times, their is that passion and longing for the life that he missed out on. And those moments are what make you love his character and  end up being on his side by the end of the book. King was such a dark and twisted story that I loved every minute of. The tension in the end was priceless!..Thank you T.M Frazier for that. Amazing ending that now has your loyal readers counting the days for Book 2 Tyrant...YAY!!!

The Offer

The Offer - Karina Halle

Quote: “Because people like to hold onto their ideas of what you are and who you are. They put you in a box and no matter how hard you try to show them what you’re really like, they can’t wrap their heads around it. They won’t. They only want you to be a certain way, the way they see you. To change that messes with their heads.”
Karina Halle, The Offer


So I do have to say that The offer has been the first book of Karina Halle I've have ever picked up and read. And let me say that I was not disappointed at all. Although I really have to admit that the beautiful cover is what really caught my attention. But so happy it did. Short Synopsys: Nicola Price has always lived a comfy life but all that changes when her boyfriend leaves her to struggle on her own with a child. With so much on her she tries to make ends meet but with mounting bills she has no choice than to accept the help from a handsome and wealthy Scotsman named Bram McGregor. The interaction between these two is wonderful to read. Bram is funny and a big pain in the ass to Nicola. And just watching the attraction and chemistry grow between them is so addictive. You want them to so badly to jump that useless struggle that they seem to have with each other in the beginning. And honestly to me the interaction between Bram and Ava is really what I always looked forward to. Just because he has such a sweet and wonderful relationship with Nicola's daughter. Yes, I guess you can say I am a little obsessed with Bram..lol. But Mr. Scotsman is no saint either, and all that comes to light when his past decides to pay him a surprise visit.....And im going to stop myself from continuing this review because I feel I will end up giving to much away. Do know that i highly recommend this book, The story was well written and very addictive. You really cant help but cheer these characters on to have their HEA. Happy reading My Reading Junkies!!! 



Outlaw Road by Nora Flite & Adair Rymer

Outlaw Road (A MC Romance) - Nora Flite, Adair Rymer

Outlaw Road was a book I picked up really out of the Blue. It wasn't a book on my TBR list at all. It even was the first book from Nora Flite and Adair Rymer that I have ever read. But im glad I went ahead and bought this new release. The book is about a biker named Ronin and a girl named Flora. Flora was a girl who grew up having a hard life by watching and taking care of her parents. Parents that have been hooked on drugs since she was a kid. Having her sister was enough for Flora, but once her sister gets hooked on the same drugs as her parents and then disappears sends Flora on a journey to find her sister Claudine. A journey that takes her into the world of bikers, drugs and trafficking of girls. But her plans in finding and following the clues of the whereabouts are stalled and taken in a different direction when Ronin comes in to the picture. Ronin is introduced to us as a arrogant Jerk that not only has his own set of rules he goes by, but he also follows a set of rules by his biker gang. But his Rules taking priority of course, which only gets him into a lot of trouble. The transformation that Ronin Characters makes throughout the book is incredible. I really ended up loving Ronin, I loved his kindness and his understanding towards Flora and her situation with her sister. That he even goes against what his biker brothers say to help her out. He ends up becoming such a hero that you cant help cheer for him throughout the book. The book in general is non-stop action, that has you literally flipping through the pages like crazy. I loved and enjoyed every chapter, loved the characters. They were believable and very well written same as the story. I am totally adding these two Authors to my list of favorite writers. Great story, great plot and I do wish it could have been a little longer. But other than that it was wonderful. I truly recommend this book to everyone.....Enjoy your reading Kiddos!!!

Alec By L.A Casey

Alec (Slater Brothers) (Volume 2) - L. A. Casey

Quote: “The first word is 'Fine'. When a woman says this during an argument, she knows she is right and that you are very wrong. She is not fine - you're not fine, nothing is fine."




What to say about this series......Ok before anything I do want to say that this series has entertained me from book 1. And I know there is still a few more books to go, but so far I have really fallen for the Slater brothers series. But this one in particular took a turn on me in the end. But before we get into that, Are all Irish girls the same? in attitude Pretty much all the female girls in these books have had such a ugly attitude. Keela was so immature with really bad temper. Why???.....I wasn't able to connect with her at all. And I really tried, but no go. And why so many insecurities? I was ready to give up on this book, but in a sense im glad I hung in there. At least so I can understand were this story is left off and the other brother story begins. To be honest I cant even give you a good review, this book and story was everywhere. And then in the end once you hit about 80% , this book has you throwing your Kindle across the room. you are left with a big WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Yes that exaggerating. ...Lol. It was such a WTH moment..To me this book was just not believable at all, you don't get to find anything relatable with the characters. But honestly with that being said ..I do have to be honest and say that it is entertaining in some way. To me anyways, it was. I don't think one unrelatable book in this series is going to make me quit from getting to know the other brothers stories. So I am and I will hang in there and continue with my beloved Slater brothers. Read at your own risk my reading Junkies. On to read Slater brother Kane!

Bro By Joanna Blake

BRO' - Joanna Blake, Pincushion Press, Shauna Kruse

Quote: "I'm going to walk away right now. I'm going to walk away and leave you in the same state of frustration I've been in all month. And next time, Next time you will beg me not to stop".



So im not sure were I lost the order of these books. But from what I read, this book came before reading "Bad Boy for Summer". Because in this book we get introduce to the characters in BBFS. Although if Im being honest I really don't think you would need to read Bro First. But this book does give an introduction of who are some of the characters in BBOS. So ok now that I got that out of the way...In this book we are introduced to Clayton Westfield a very rich full of himself kind of guy. And not very likeable at all in the beginning. We also have Nevada (Mouse) a not so rich girl that lives with her mother an employee of Clay's father. With both her mother and her living on top of the garage on the same property as Clay they practically grow up together. Nevada has always had a crush on clay even as kids, but of course clays feeling for her are not the same. Until they both leave away to different schools and she comes back looking a lot different than how Clay remembers her. From the point that Clay lays eyes on her the chasing game changes around. Now you have a desperate Clay trying to grab her attention in anyway he can. From that point on You start liking the new Clay. His not the same Douche guy that shows up home after being away for a few years. The book is another quick read, I wished the story was a little bit longer just so we can get to know more on some of these characters and their stories. I did love this story, and maybe its because I had already read some of their background stories in "Bad Boy For Summer". That I just wanted to speed read through all this book. Overall its a cute sexy read with the ending feeling a bit rushed, but with that being said it is a great book to add to my collection. Totally do recommend this baby to everyone.....Happy reading!!!

Bad Boy For Summer By Joanna Blake

A Bad Boy For Summer - Joanna Blake

Quote: "Frannie put all the girls here to shame with that rack. Her pretty face was all lips and eyes. She looked like a blow up doll. And she was mine. Without a doubt, I was going to have her. Not just that either. I was keeping her."



I mean how cool is it when you find a little gem in so much rubble. I was so happy that I went ahead and read this book. Wasn't to sure about it at first, but then that's really the case with every book I pick up lately. Never have I read anything by this author and now im asking myself why??...I mean a Alpha male that falls head over heels over a girl. Yes please!!. Ok so first we have Frannie a curvy girl that prefers to work to get what she wants instead of it being handed to her by her rich parents. Just that alone made me loved the book without reading it. To use a girl that's not your typical tall, long legs, blond..blah,blah, blah..That alone hooked me. Then we have Jace a alpha biker/ mechanic that loves to race his car. When these two meet the attraction is instant and very well written in. The author was able to give us a story that was believable and paced very well, even though this was a fast read. From the meeting of the two the book takes a very entertaining turn. The infatuation that Jace feels over Frannie turns this book into the most sweet and cute entertaining read. Don't get me wrong the steamy interactions between these two took the book up a whole other notch... Nice job on that Mrs. Blake!!.  Overall the two characters are likable throughout the whole book and the story completely had my attention from beginning to end. Totally recommend this book and this author to all my reading junkies. This book is totally up our alley :). Next stop "BRO" !!..another book from this author. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

Welcome to Sugartown By Carmen Jenner

Welcome to Sugartown - Carmen Jenner

Quote: “Well guess what, baby girl, life is all about hurt. From the day we’re born to the day we die, we fucking hurt and we cry and we pick ourselves up and, if we’re really lucky, we have people to help us pick up the fucking pieces.”



So I picked this book up cause I heard wonderful things about it...Plus I  saw that it was about a tattoo Alpha Guy with a shady past and his a biker...What!!! IM IN..lol. Starts up pretty good. Cute with a side of sexy, but somewhere in the middle it really gets dark and very violent. So this book might have triggers for some people that are sensitive to books like this.."FYI" ..So we have Ana Belle a pie baker that seems to eat breath and sleep baking pies. Her only friend is a very funny and in my point of view the one character that really stands out in this book, well besides the sexy biker. Holly is Ana's best friend, and the character that this series will base the second book on...YAY!!!...Really loved Holly. Then we have Elijah hence our sexy biker. New to town and becoming employed by Ana's father as a mechanic.  Once they meet there's instant sparks on both sides. Loved that part of the story, them getting to know each other and the shyness. I mean a very cute wonderful story overall. But I really do have mix feelings about this book. I know that I don't hate it. I mean it really was a cute and funny and sexy as hell, but not sure were my interest was lost. I know that Holly was the parts I loved and looked forward to. Ana was cute and innocent and maybe a little boring for my like..(Just a Little). Maybe it was the back and forth bickering at the end that really just made me get bored with it. I do know that it was the ending I really had to push through to read. Because overall I did like the book, and im even looking forward to read Holly's story in book 2. But the ending was very stretched out to me...Happy Reading Kiddos!!

Dominic (A Slater Bro Novel) By L.A Casey

Dominic - L.A. Casey

Quote: “Dominic smiled at me and kissed the tip of my nose then winked as he said, "You've always been mine, pretty girl. You just didn't know it.”   


Just want to put out there that this book is very Alpha driven. And even the female charcter Bronagh is very alpaha herself. So lets get the book description out of the way. Dominic is an American teenager 18 that moves to Dublin with his twin brother Damien and 3 other brothers. First day of school Dominic and Damien meet a girl name Bronagh. A very introvert girl that really just likes keeping to herself and that has no interest in making friends or getting close to anybody for that matter. The first meeting between the two "Dominic and Bronagh" end up in a huge clash that sparks Dominic's interest instead of pushing him away. Through the whole book Bronagh acts how can I say it..very defensive and aggressive. Which is kind of cute in the beginning but it ends up getting old real quick. Like I said before both are very Alpha driven but the Alpha in Dominic is what really made me stick around. Sorry my reading junkies but I can help myself being intrigued by a very dominant male in the story..lol. The cussing really didn't bother me, being that probably I cuss like I sailor myself, but reading it off the pages of a book and coming from Bronagh really got on my nerves...Yes,Yes I know very double standard. The book is very entertaining with all the non-stop drama from these two characters. Im trying to do this book justice and give it the credit that its due. Because really overall  it was a very good book. Could it have been better with less of the childish bickering?... maybe. But then you wouldn't have this book keep you on your toes with all this excitement in it..lol. I do have to say that the fighting really was funny and entertaining and if we would take that away from it, I think maybe we would end up taking away the charismatic grasp it has from chapter one. Totally will continue with this Series, I mean we have 4 more brothers to hear from. Yes! this series takes us through every brothers story...Alec, Kane, Ryder, and Damien...Yay!! Happy Reading My Junkies!!

Revelry by Carmen Jenner

REVELRY (Taint Book 1) - Carmen Jenner, Lauren McKellar, Arijana Karcic Cover It! Designs

Quote: “I knew she loved him more than she had ever loved me. I knew, and still did everything I could to keep her. Everything but make her happy."



Took me awhile to post this review up. Just because I had to take a few minutes to figure how I really felt about this book. Not because I hated it, but because I was feeling so much dislike for one of the main characters. The book itself was AMAZING!!! but somewere at the 50% point I totally hit a hateful wall towards Ali. Ok so before I go on my rant lets introduce the many wonderful characters in this book. The book introduces us to a band called Taint, which includes a couple of band members. All wonderfully written in with their charassmatic funny personalities. Although this book is really written about Cooper and Levi the other band members constantly appear through out the book. Then we also have Ali. Miss wonderfully bipolar Ali Jones...sigh!. If my reading Junkies have not figured out yet, this book does include a pain on my ass love triangle. (Will try my hardest not to give anything away, promise). So as any book the introduction to all these characters grabs you from the get go. That's the wonderful thing about Carmen's writing she is always able to do that with every book I have picked up that's hers. Ali starts off as such a likable character. Kind, strong and just lovable but, I think when the book really gets into the twists and the turns your left asking WTH!?!?...Ali the lovable girl that you have felt so sorry for turns into the witch from hell..lol. (Ok im exaggerating..lol) But something to that. She becomes selfish and you start feeling soo bad for cooper. He becomes that alley puppy you want to pick up and take home to fix. Yea I did feel that way about Coop. Then we have Levi, ahh yes that poor fool. I mean in general I think he was more collateral damage that in the end you are kind of taken back by how his ending ends. Just because through out the book he is written in as to kind of be immune to all the feeling crap that the other 2 are feeling, which by the way makes him the entertaining one to read about. From the beginning I was hoping for the ending to be a little different than how it ended, was not very satisfied on the ending at all. Ok so now after my little rant I do have to clarify that this book really is worth reading. It may not be the story or ending you want, or at least that I wanted, but I did love the story. It was entertaining, funny and it definitely takes you through a bumpy ride. But I will definitely continue this series and read "Hurt" book 2. And hope that I wont be cussing my kindle out on the next book..lol

Alpha & Omega By K. Webster

Alpha & Omega - K.  Webster

Quote: “Both of you are threads in a carefully woven masterpiece of a blanket that is life. Parts of you are weaved into parts of him. There's no changing that.”   



I mean Wow!, what a book. Such a wonderful fantastic read. This is my first book that I have read by this author, and I cant wait to get my hands on part 2 of this series "Omega & Love". The book is about to angels that are given jobs per say to be train to get their actual Angel wings. So you can say that through out the book they are in training for that. Until they are given their last assignment to do. That's when fate comes into play and unravels something that completely changes both Angels path forever. So this book is about both Angels but most of the story is written about Alpha and Lark. Lark is the other main character. She plays a very damaged soul that has gone through a lot of hurt in the past, that refuses to live in the now. So she kind of just goes through the motion of life waiting for the day that her existence is no more. And that's why Alpha comes into her life, he is there to prevent that ending from happening because its not her time yet. This book was such a page turner from beginning to end. And it grabbed hold to my attention completely. I was a big paranormal fan in my younger years COUGH, COUGH!!...But since a few years ago I decided that those kind of books were really not for me anymore. They just didn't hold my interest long enough to even enjoy the books I picked up. But this book and this author were able to do that and even have me doing the countdown for her next release. Overall it was a beautiful love story that had surprising twist in almost every chapter. Loved, Loved It!!!

The Law Of Moses

The Law of Moses - Amy Harmon

Quote: “There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.” 



I try not to go into a book by reading the back description. If anything I love just picking it up and getting surprised by putting the story together as I read. But I think with this one I should have read the description. I do want to say that it was a cute sweet book, and the cover alone is AMAZING!!,...but I think this one was not for me at all. As a matter of fact I think im going to be part of that 1% that did not enjoy it.  So let me give you a little of the description: Its about a baby/Boy that is left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and He grows up to have all kinds of problems as a teenager. That's how much the description gives you. As to what the story might be about. Because everything else added in the description is very I guess you can say shadowy. Its like the author wanted the reader to go into it kind of blind. So I did, But as it turned out its more of a paranormal read than anything. I was kind of taken back when I started figuring out what the book was really about. Because as I said the description does not give an idea of what kind of read this will be. Also the Connection and romance between the two main characters is totally not existent, at all. Which made the book even harder to believe and read. Overall Its a cute sweet book written gorgeously, but I do feel that this book is written for more of a younger reader than anything. So if you like a fast read and paranormal is your kind of book. This one is surely for you...Happy reading!!!