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Fight For Her

Fight for Her Vol. 1 (Uncaged Love, #6) - J.J.  Knight

Quote: Its like im discovering her all over again. When I move over her, my throat is tight. My feelings for her haven't changes at all. I thought they had gone, taken off like she had. Open when she opens for me, and I slide into her, Its like coming home.



Title: Fight For Her

Author: JJ Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance




So I just found out that Parker and Maddie story is a spinoff from the "Uncaged Series"  A series collection fromm JJ before this one. I will keep that in mind befor continuing this story. I prefer to find out all their beginning stories. As it is I feel so unprepared to even put this review up. So I apologize ahead of time for a very short review. So with that being said lets get down to the review of this wonderful book. I have literally fallen in love with this story. And maybe because Lily a 5 year old girl that's included in this book. For some reason every time a child is written in a book it always turns out to be the hook for me. Children my Kryptonite!!..Throughout the book there's is a lot of heartbreak, Lily wanting his Daddy to be with her. And The Aunt Delores and Maddie making it hard for Parker. Well I do have to say Maddie only in the beginning is very overprotective with Lily and as the Book progresses she starts to see the effort Parker is making to change his life to be with them. But Aunt Delores....Geez!, I really disliked her throughout the book. I can't really say to much about the backstories, for the same reason that I didn't realize that these characters come from another sister series from the same author. So I do have to say that I felt a little lost with all the snippets of everyone's story. But I promise that my next review on the next book for this series. I will be caught up with "Uncaged Series" and the next book in the "Fight For Her" series. I do have to add that the connection with all the characters in this specific book were made with a very easy flow. They were all likable in there own way. And I really am looking forward to getting to know more about them, and to find out what happens after this crazy Cliffhanger!...Yes people so if you don't like cliffhanger, this one certainly has one. Not to big, but certainly one that pushes you to start the next book on this series. Happy reading Kiddos!!