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Alpha & Omega By K. Webster

Alpha & Omega - K.  Webster

Quote: “Both of you are threads in a carefully woven masterpiece of a blanket that is life. Parts of you are weaved into parts of him. There's no changing that.”   



I mean Wow!, what a book. Such a wonderful fantastic read. This is my first book that I have read by this author, and I cant wait to get my hands on part 2 of this series "Omega & Love". The book is about to angels that are given jobs per say to be train to get their actual Angel wings. So you can say that through out the book they are in training for that. Until they are given their last assignment to do. That's when fate comes into play and unravels something that completely changes both Angels path forever. So this book is about both Angels but most of the story is written about Alpha and Lark. Lark is the other main character. She plays a very damaged soul that has gone through a lot of hurt in the past, that refuses to live in the now. So she kind of just goes through the motion of life waiting for the day that her existence is no more. And that's why Alpha comes into her life, he is there to prevent that ending from happening because its not her time yet. This book was such a page turner from beginning to end. And it grabbed hold to my attention completely. I was a big paranormal fan in my younger years COUGH, COUGH!!...But since a few years ago I decided that those kind of books were really not for me anymore. They just didn't hold my interest long enough to even enjoy the books I picked up. But this book and this author were able to do that and even have me doing the countdown for her next release. Overall it was a beautiful love story that had surprising twist in almost every chapter. Loved, Loved It!!!