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Outlaw Road by Nora Flite & Adair Rymer

Outlaw Road (A MC Romance) - Nora Flite, Adair Rymer

Outlaw Road was a book I picked up really out of the Blue. It wasn't a book on my TBR list at all. It even was the first book from Nora Flite and Adair Rymer that I have ever read. But im glad I went ahead and bought this new release. The book is about a biker named Ronin and a girl named Flora. Flora was a girl who grew up having a hard life by watching and taking care of her parents. Parents that have been hooked on drugs since she was a kid. Having her sister was enough for Flora, but once her sister gets hooked on the same drugs as her parents and then disappears sends Flora on a journey to find her sister Claudine. A journey that takes her into the world of bikers, drugs and trafficking of girls. But her plans in finding and following the clues of the whereabouts are stalled and taken in a different direction when Ronin comes in to the picture. Ronin is introduced to us as a arrogant Jerk that not only has his own set of rules he goes by, but he also follows a set of rules by his biker gang. But his Rules taking priority of course, which only gets him into a lot of trouble. The transformation that Ronin Characters makes throughout the book is incredible. I really ended up loving Ronin, I loved his kindness and his understanding towards Flora and her situation with her sister. That he even goes against what his biker brothers say to help her out. He ends up becoming such a hero that you cant help cheer for him throughout the book. The book in general is non-stop action, that has you literally flipping through the pages like crazy. I loved and enjoyed every chapter, loved the characters. They were believable and very well written same as the story. I am totally adding these two Authors to my list of favorite writers. Great story, great plot and I do wish it could have been a little longer. But other than that it was wonderful. I truly recommend this book to everyone.....Enjoy your reading Kiddos!!!