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Out Of Time By Beth Flynn

Out of Time (Nine Minutes Book 2) - Beth Flynn

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Title: Out Of Time

Author: Beth Flynn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Released Date: July 23, 2015




It is so funny that I am talking about this book again. Just because I remember buying book 1 (Nine Minutes) and asking myself why was I even purchasing this book. Yes!, im guilty of judging the book by its cover. So thank you Megan for pushing me to read this. Because really if im being honest I would have not even looked at this wonderful books way. Yes I know, its horrible. But being that things worked out differently, let me get started on this book review. Now im going to be careful because I do not want to ruin this book for anyone. This book is written wonderfully and I believe that because of the way the book is written is what hooked me. It gives you flashes of the past and how the presents stories came to be for everyone. I mean how wonderful is that!...Just because I know that there was a lot of readers including myself that were left with a few questions about these lovely characters back story and how they came to be. And all that is answered in this book. Also besides giving you glimpses of the past, the actual present stories continues at the same time. I mean this book is written f'n Fantastic!!!...Bravo!....Beth Flynn..Bravo!!!. For giving us (the readers) another addicting story. Out Of Time had me on the edge of my sit, the book should have been called "The Truth". I really do believe that this book is totally written for Ginny, this book is were all the lies brake free. It had me gasping by all the lies that were told to her in book 1. I even had to go re-read certain parts of Nine Minutes. Just to refresh my memory on the story and conversations. Wow!!...I needed to get to the next chapter so badly to find out more, and I read right thru the night. Hit the last page of the book at 4:00 in the morning. And once I closed the book, I came to the conclusion that this book was never about Team Grizz/ Team Tommy, which by the way I was Team Grizz all the way!..lol. This book is all about Ginny, And im so glad that the author was able to give us that for her. And I think im going to stop now, because I feel that im so close on spilling the beans here :). *Side note series turned out to be a Trilogy!!!, Yes my Reading Junkies, we get Book 3!