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Bad Boy For Summer By Joanna Blake

A Bad Boy For Summer - Joanna Blake

Quote: "Frannie put all the girls here to shame with that rack. Her pretty face was all lips and eyes. She looked like a blow up doll. And she was mine. Without a doubt, I was going to have her. Not just that either. I was keeping her."



I mean how cool is it when you find a little gem in so much rubble. I was so happy that I went ahead and read this book. Wasn't to sure about it at first, but then that's really the case with every book I pick up lately. Never have I read anything by this author and now im asking myself why??...I mean a Alpha male that falls head over heels over a girl. Yes please!!. Ok so first we have Frannie a curvy girl that prefers to work to get what she wants instead of it being handed to her by her rich parents. Just that alone made me loved the book without reading it. To use a girl that's not your typical tall, long legs, blond..blah,blah, blah..That alone hooked me. Then we have Jace a alpha biker/ mechanic that loves to race his car. When these two meet the attraction is instant and very well written in. The author was able to give us a story that was believable and paced very well, even though this was a fast read. From the meeting of the two the book takes a very entertaining turn. The infatuation that Jace feels over Frannie turns this book into the most sweet and cute entertaining read. Don't get me wrong the steamy interactions between these two took the book up a whole other notch... Nice job on that Mrs. Blake!!.  Overall the two characters are likable throughout the whole book and the story completely had my attention from beginning to end. Totally recommend this book and this author to all my reading junkies. This book is totally up our alley :). Next stop "BRO" !!..another book from this author. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!