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Stone Cold Bad

Stone Cold Bad: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 1) - Tess Oliver, Elizabeth Anna Hart


Quote: I could have asked his name, but it would be easier to forget him if I didn't know it.



Title: Stone Cold Bad (Stone Brothers Book1)

Author: Tess Oliver, Elizabeth Anna Hart

Genre: Romance



I mean I can definitely start this review by saying that I have found another set of brothers to add to my collection. Im actually on a roll here with all these new authors I have been picking up lately. And of course there is no disappointment at all. This book opens up amazingly, it catches your interest from the beginning. The opening chapters introduce you to our main lady. Jade Morrow a girl living a miserable life with a alcoholic bookie boyfriend, who decides to run. But once the running starts all the action does as well. And let me tell you it is non-stop. Now to the good stuff!..The Stone Brothers!!. I mean bad boys, heartbreakers, tough, dangerous, and plenty of tattoos. What a great Combo, right?!?! Colt, Hunter, and Slade are introduced to us as exactly that. So when Jade runs directly into one, Her impression of Colt is that she is trying to run away from a guy that is exactly him. But as the emotions start unraveling between them the chemistry is outstanding. Besides being believable I think its well paced. I also have to praise the authors of this book for giving us such great back story characters. Their story totally hooked me, and Amy has to be my Favorite of all. She was charismatic and such a wonderful addition to this story. I definitely cannot wait for book 2 (Heart Of Stone) to find out more on her sad story and hopefully have a happy ending for her. A happy ending I believe she truly deserves.

Now the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is two things. One I wished that Jade was not so "I have to leave one man, and move on to another so fast". Its like alittle struggle on her own would have probably done her well. And two, I really, really wished that the brothers back story from childhood was more played out in the book. Just so we as readers can really know were they came from and what really happened to them as kids. That would have really been the cherry ontop for me. Other than that, I don't have any complains. Loved it and totally will be continuing to the story of Amy and Hunter. Yay!! for that.  Totally recommend this book and series. Happy Reading Kiddos!!