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Welcome to Sugartown By Carmen Jenner

Welcome to Sugartown - Carmen Jenner

Quote: “Well guess what, baby girl, life is all about hurt. From the day we’re born to the day we die, we fucking hurt and we cry and we pick ourselves up and, if we’re really lucky, we have people to help us pick up the fucking pieces.”



So I picked this book up cause I heard wonderful things about it...Plus I  saw that it was about a tattoo Alpha Guy with a shady past and his a biker...What!!! IM IN..lol. Starts up pretty good. Cute with a side of sexy, but somewhere in the middle it really gets dark and very violent. So this book might have triggers for some people that are sensitive to books like this.."FYI" ..So we have Ana Belle a pie baker that seems to eat breath and sleep baking pies. Her only friend is a very funny and in my point of view the one character that really stands out in this book, well besides the sexy biker. Holly is Ana's best friend, and the character that this series will base the second book on...YAY!!!...Really loved Holly. Then we have Elijah hence our sexy biker. New to town and becoming employed by Ana's father as a mechanic.  Once they meet there's instant sparks on both sides. Loved that part of the story, them getting to know each other and the shyness. I mean a very cute wonderful story overall. But I really do have mix feelings about this book. I know that I don't hate it. I mean it really was a cute and funny and sexy as hell, but not sure were my interest was lost. I know that Holly was the parts I loved and looked forward to. Ana was cute and innocent and maybe a little boring for my like..(Just a Little). Maybe it was the back and forth bickering at the end that really just made me get bored with it. I do know that it was the ending I really had to push through to read. Because overall I did like the book, and im even looking forward to read Holly's story in book 2. But the ending was very stretched out to me...Happy Reading Kiddos!!