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Dominic (A Slater Bro Novel) By L.A Casey

Dominic - L.A. Casey

Quote: “Dominic smiled at me and kissed the tip of my nose then winked as he said, "You've always been mine, pretty girl. You just didn't know it.”   


Just want to put out there that this book is very Alpha driven. And even the female charcter Bronagh is very alpaha herself. So lets get the book description out of the way. Dominic is an American teenager 18 that moves to Dublin with his twin brother Damien and 3 other brothers. First day of school Dominic and Damien meet a girl name Bronagh. A very introvert girl that really just likes keeping to herself and that has no interest in making friends or getting close to anybody for that matter. The first meeting between the two "Dominic and Bronagh" end up in a huge clash that sparks Dominic's interest instead of pushing him away. Through the whole book Bronagh acts how can I say it..very defensive and aggressive. Which is kind of cute in the beginning but it ends up getting old real quick. Like I said before both are very Alpha driven but the Alpha in Dominic is what really made me stick around. Sorry my reading junkies but I can help myself being intrigued by a very dominant male in the story..lol. The cussing really didn't bother me, being that probably I cuss like I sailor myself, but reading it off the pages of a book and coming from Bronagh really got on my nerves...Yes,Yes I know very double standard. The book is very entertaining with all the non-stop drama from these two characters. Im trying to do this book justice and give it the credit that its due. Because really overall  it was a very good book. Could it have been better with less of the childish bickering?... maybe. But then you wouldn't have this book keep you on your toes with all this excitement in it..lol. I do have to say that the fighting really was funny and entertaining and if we would take that away from it, I think maybe we would end up taking away the charismatic grasp it has from chapter one. Totally will continue with this Series, I mean we have 4 more brothers to hear from. Yes! this series takes us through every brothers story...Alec, Kane, Ryder, and Damien...Yay!! Happy Reading My Junkies!!