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The Gypsy Brothers Series 2-7 BY Lili St. Germain

Six Brothers - Lili St. Germain Five Miles - Lili St. Germain Four Score - Lili St. Germain Three Years (Gypsy Brothers Book 5) - Lili St. Germain Two Roads - Lili St. Germain One Love - Lili St. Germain

Quote: “I assure you, I'm not the monster in this fucked-up fairytale....”   



Different from my other reviews im going to keep this one short and I thought that instead of doing a review for each book I would do a review combining all six books left on this series. Reason im doing this is because the series is all about Juliette and her vengeance on the people that caused her and her family so much pain and damage. I think that alot of readers once they pick up book one "Seven Sons" in the series they have a understanding that this book will be somewhat dark and totally based mainly on evening the score.. Every book takes us, the reader, through her journey on getting that objective done. So it takes us through a rollercoaster of surprises and feelings that have you gasping in every book. After finishing all 7 books I came to the realization that Lili St.Germain could have not wrote this book from start to ending anymore perfect. (I will not spoil anything!) But the ending I know a lot of people were hoping it would have been different, but as the books ends, she gives us a insight of what her thought were on the ending and why she ended it the way she did. Thank you for that Lili :). She wrote the books at least to me to feel a little more realistic than having a unrealistic bubble gum ending that usually every book this dark would have. Like she says "This story wasn't a love story. This story was a love story, yes, But it wasn't a love story. It was a story about Vengeance, about redemption, and retribution". And you Lili St. Germain did a wonderful job introducing us to Juliette's story and giving us a Epic conclusion.

Back Road Chances By Nicole Hart

Back Road Chances (The Roughneck Series Book 2) - Nicole Hart

Quote: "I can't fucken get enough of you. He whispered, Its never enough."



I mean Miss Nicole Hart cannot make these books anymore sweet and addictive. Back Road Chances is book 2 in The Roughneck Series. And in this wonderful addition we are introduced to Sam Montgomery's relationship with Moon Jacobs. If you remember and have read the Love on a Dirt Road which is book one in the roughneck series. Sam is introduced to us as Lainey's Childhood best friend. The first book really didn't give us a deep story about her but she was more of the person that we would love to have as a best friend. Wild, crazy in her own way but loyal to the end. And in this book we get to see all of Sam. Why she is the way she is, and why is it that she uses laughter for everything. Moon on the other hand had a smaller part in book one. If you weren't paying much attention you would miss his presence completely in Book one. Im so glad that this book is about him and Sam. But especially about Moon. I mean what is there not to love about him, blessed with so much patience. Which by the way he totally needs with Sam. We can tell why these two would go totally together from book one. She's a tough cookie, with a smart mouth that does not take crap from anyone. And Moon is a wild roughneck who is known in town to have the best parties and to be the one who's always getting into messes throughout his high school years. They are the perfect pair from the get go. She is ready for the fight and he is ready to put her on check. I mean can these two be anymore perfect!?!..Plus what are the best relationships if not the ones that have been childhood friends right?. This was a great love story with great emotions that keeps you on your toes. There was even a moment that it had me balling my eyes out for Sam, for them. Totally hope you pick up this read, 5 big wonderful stars. Happy Reading!!

Seven Sons By Lili St Germain

Seven Sons - Lili St. Germain

Quote: “Confucius said, “Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” I planned to dig seven.”




Wow!..Is really all I can say about this book. This totally took me through a danm roller-coaster. So before I start the review I do want to say that this book is very dark and im sure it does have triggers for some people so I just do want to put that out there. Ok so as I was reading the book description on Amazon and Goodreads I notice that the book really does not leave anything out. Most of the stuff that a reader, I believe should find out by reading the book is practically told on the description. But I went ahead and read it because a reading buddy from Insta really recommended it. This book is amazing...AMAZING!!!...I mean its not what happens but how it happened, I hope you understand what im trying to say. After reading the book I see and understand why is it that the description practically gave everything away. Its the stuff that's happening in between all that and how it happens that leaves you completely hooked. im going to give a short synopsis..Juliette aka Sam is born into the biker life and raised in it by her father, a leader of the Gypsy Brothers MC. When her father dies of a crime he didn't commit at the hands of another Brother the VP...Dornan Ross and his sons. They not only kill Juliette's father but they end up taking Juliette and damaging her in everyway possible. After barely escaping them practically still a child, she comes back at 21 looking for blood and wanting to take revenge on all them. So to my readers be prepared to read this with a somewhat open mind, so like that your able to enjoy the book. I also want to say that as you will see this is book one of a 7 part book series, YES! seven book await us :). But with that being said don't over think it to much because if all the books are like this one, they will be a fast read. A fast read as in one sitting. Yea the books are not that long at all. But like I said if there anything like this they will keep us on pins and needles. Hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. :)

Love on a Dirt Road By Nicole Hart

Love on a Dirt Road (The Roughneck Series Book 1) - Nicole Hart

Quote: My mind would probably convince me later that I wasn't ready for this. But right now, I don't care. I just wanted him close to me.



I am a true believer from previous experiences that when you read a book or a new book series you have to go in with not having such high expectations. Just so like that you wont be disappointed by any hype from other readers. I was in a few chapters and I was already hooked by this wonderful series. This book really was all that and more. It was cute romantic and everything in between. Lets start with the rundown on these wonderful charismatic characters. Laney grew up in a small town and ends up leaving after a tragedy hits home. But then having the workings of life bringing her back, that and a ex-boyfriend she has to leave behind. (There's more to that story, but I preffer not to give to much away.) Then you also have Jase, a tattoed roughneck with his own private baggage. But even though you have a pair of somewhat shaded souls, when they come together its soo magical. You love Jase right from the beginning, such a laid back, loving kind of guy, and only when he feels threaten he comes out swinging..Ugh! so sexy I tell you!. We also have a few other characters that shine through the whole book. Her best friend Sam is totally one of them. She is so funny and wild, that im hopeful book 2 in the series is based on her. Overall the author was able to give us a very believable and more of a relatable story than others. I mean this book has everything sweet, sexy, funny as hell and a great hangover once your done. Great thing is that Book 2 in this series is out and ready for us to continue with this wonderful series. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

Beautiful Redemption By Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Redemption: A Novel (Maddox Brothers Book 2) - Jamie McGuire

Quote: “I lost someone I loved before, and it changed me. I gave up someone I loved before, and it crushed me. I know that when you leave, Liis, however it goes down...it will end me.”   




Aaand she's back!!..Yes she has brought that wonderful feeling and writing that she had in "Beautiful Disaster" again. When I finished reading Beautiful Oblivion I was so disappointed with the opening book for this series. But this one right here has brought me back to that wonderful book hangover that I love so much from books. Loyal readers as my self that have followed the Maddox Brothers from the beginning have hoped that book 2 would give us a more captivating story than what the opening book did. We start with Liis (Yes that's how its spelled) She is a new transferred FBI agent to San Diego that makes a crazy decision the night before her first day on the job that turns everything from a hopeful beginning to hoping she was just back home. Then we also have our beloved Maddox Brother, Thomas Maddox is the oldest of the bunch and the way the author wrote him in is the more laid back of the boys. Running a tight ship and being a pain in the ass to the other FBI agents is what Thomas does best. But when the awkward running happens with Liis is when the book starts getting entertaining. Now I wont give too much away but I do have somewhat of a complain..... This brother was kind of hard for me to I guess you can say accept the way he was. He is so different than the other brothers, I mean I get it so he is the brother with the broken heart by Camille. And maybe that's why he acts like a total emotional girl...yes I said it!.. The constant presence of Camille just ruins the whole chemistry that Liis and Thomas would have. I mean she was almost in every dam chapter. They would come to a understandable agreement then BOOM! her ugly reminder would pop out and we start all over to square one. "Oh Camille how I hated and disliked you in this book"!...And Thomas is so week in this book, I mean Liis had more attitude and balls than he did..Why!?!?!?! His a Maddox Brother Dammit!...Ok im done Venting, Lets move on. So over all this book has a great story that actually gets you hooked, because the story goes back all the way to Beautiful Disaster. All the plot stories from Beautiful Disaster to Beautiful Oblivion are weaved in to this story. We also get to see all the wonderful characters and all the brothers pop in and out through out the book. I cannot wait to read book 3 Beautiful Sacrifice, because if its anything like this book im totally in. Happy Reading!!

Shattered By J.L Drake

Shattered (Broken Trilogy Book 2) - J.L. Drake

Quote: "Im sorry for what happened to you, But I'll never be sorry for tracking you down and falling in love with you"


I mean what can I say about this book but OMG!...it was so intense at times and totally a page turner. J.L Drake you have done it again with this addition to your series. The book picks up right were Broken left off. But the only difference is that Savannah is trying to get to the bottom of all the lies surrounding her. So she tries to take matters into her own hands. I literally stayed all night getting through this book. Because there was no way I was going to sleep not finding out the truth...Right!?!?!. In book 2 Savannah questions everything and everyone. I really like the Savannah in this book, she comes out being more in control of herself and less broken. Yes!, this Savannah is wonderful.  Although I do have to say that there are some frustrating moments that Miss Savannah makes you go through... There is a lot of Why Savannah, Why? Sigh....... I also enjoy the dual POV from Savannah and Cole. Love getting what both are thinking in certain moments. In this book the secondary characters really shine through and we get a little more of them. Big Plus!...When you finish reading this book you are in total book Hangover. I think it even gave me anxiety...lol. Congratulation to the author J.L Drake who has given us another entertaining read. We also have "Mended" another Book addition to this series to look forward to that comes out in June 1st, 2015 if im not mistaken. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!

Broken By J.L Drake

Broken (Broken Trilogy Book 1) - J.L. Drake

Quote: “You can always fall, Savannah, because I will be the one catching you.”   

                                          ― J.L. Drake, Broken



Wow!, This book was fantastic from beginning to end. Embarrassed to say that before I even picked up this book I had not heard of it. So thank you to all my reading buds from Instagram that pointed me to this wonderful series. Oh yes this book is a 3 book series so we literally have something after book 1 and 2. Quick synopsis: Savannah Miller is the daughter of the mayor of New York City. Who is kidnapped and tortured for 7 months, don't worry im not spoiling anything that the actual books description doesn't give us. Then one night she ends up being rescued by a elite group of army soldiers and taken to a safe house to live in for her protection.  O.K. So in the beginning the book is very hard to read because of the treatment she gets while being captive. And its so heart breaking to see her going through so much because when she is rescued she is completely broken. Somewhere in middle the book starts to show us her healing process, but while she is doing that there is so much lies, deceit, and dishonesty going on all around her that she doesn't even know who to trust. But one person does end up winning her love and trust. His name is Cole Logan, and this character wins you completely over. He plays a very big part in her turmoil of emotions. Since he was part of the rescue mission to get her out from where she was held captive. The book is such a fast read and it totally takes into a rollercoaster of a guessing game of who is involved in the whole scheme. I do like telling the readers when a book is left in a cliffhanger, and this one my Kiddos does. But no worries because Book 2 "Shattered" is already out for you guys to pick up and read. And I wont even start on that book because WOW!!!...I'll just leave that book for my review coming up. Totally recommend this book for everyone to read.......Happy Reading!!

Fear Me By B.B Reid

Fear Me (Broken Love Book 1) - B.B. Reid

Quote: “I’m afraid for him because every day he has to fight the person he is, to be the person he wants to be.”  


I mean wow!, what a book. It really kind of caught me off guard. There was even a moment somewhere in the 20% through 60% I was ready to throw my kindle across the room of how frustrated this book was making me. I knew that this book was more on the dark side when I picked it up. But everyone kept raving about this series so much, that I just totally had to start it right away. But nobody told me that I was going to end up having all these mix feelings over the book. I mean I was so ready to hide under my covers wondering why I was enjoying this book so much. I was reading page after page of uncomfortable sexual encounters and cruelty between these two characters ( Yes very uncomfortable situations). So we have Lake Manroe a girl that has been bullied and tormented through out her childhood from a boy-Guy named Keiran Masters. After coming back from being away in prison, he comes out with a vengeance and with even more hatred against Lake. Being that the blame points to her for him being arrested. The hatred and the cruelty in this book reminds me so much of the book "Bully By Penelope Douglas". These authors have me wondering where they get their inspiration to write all this stuff..lol Sometimes I really had a hard time believing that all this drama is based around a high school atmosphere. It feels more like we are reading a book with more than just stupid teenagers in it. Through all this cruelty feelings start to grow between these two. Which is hard to believe at times, but entertaining non the less. I mean I can keep going and going about this book. I am sure it will bring every emotion to the surface when you read it. And if you go in it, without taking the context to serious you will end up reading a very good, and entertaining book. That will have you drinking a glass of wine and sighing once your done. Happy reading Kiddos!!


Return to me By Julia Templeton

Return to Me - Julia Templeton

Quote: "For the first time in a long while am doing what I desire.......But at what cost."



I will try my hardest not to be so hard on this book. I read this book in about a day and a half. I was really, really pushing myself to finish the book. The book is about a girl/ witch  named Gabriella Fairmont who is betrayed by her uncle and sold off and promised for marriage to a aristocrat. Their is also a 500 year old vampire named Darius MacLeod who is invited to a ball by his twin brother Demetri, also a vampire by the way. He sees Gabriella there for the first time. With Gabriella resembling Darius dead wife, he falls in love all over again. He offers his help to Gabriella and takes her away from London to his home in Scotland. As you can see there's witches, vampires and love. You would think this book will be totally awesome..right?....Yea sorry no go for me. Their relationship was totally not existent, there was no build up in the relationship at all. And I think that's what kind of ruined it for me. Its like they met and then they were having sex the next day, totally unbelievable. The book did not captivate me at all.  And to be honest the secondary relationship in the book between his brother Demetri and their maker Remont was so much believable then what Gabriella and Darius had. That relationship was so intriguing. I would be looking forward to the chapters with their love story more than the main love story. In the end I was left so many questions than answers, and that was so frustrating. Overall the book totally had potential to be a really good story, but it just fell way to short for me.

Leah By R.J Lewis

Leah (Carter Book 2) - R.J. Lewis

Quote: That girl has been in love with you since the moment she saw you. You were her childhood love. You were her fucking god. She might’ve wiped your asshole if you asked her to. Chicks don’t move on from the same kind of love she had for you. They might live with it, they might learn to love other guys, but they don’t move on. Inside, the what-ifs consume them.”   



I enjoyed this book so much. I was also lucky enough to be able to read Leah pretty much right after Carter. Leah is book 2 in the Carter Series, And if your interested you can go see my review on book 1 on this series as well. So Leah starts 5 years after the book left off. But I should warn you that this book goes back and forth from present time to 2 years back. Im sure not a lot of readers will like that, but I should add that this book is written very clear and its not confusing at all with the back and forth. In this book Leah is more independent and matures to grow in her own skin without Carter on her side. Although I can say that sometimes this new Leah in this book gets a little bit annoying with her wanting to be on her own. All the pushing Carter away got a little old. My heart broke so much for Carter. His longing to be with her was so unbearable to read at times. I think that's why she would get on my nerves..lol. Both characters in this book grow up and mature separately instead of being stuck by the hip, like the last book. But still throughout the years that went by they never stop thinking and yearning for each other. In my opinion this book really turned out great, the reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 was because I felt that in some instances the book stretched out a little too much. A point that could have been wrapped up pretty quickly took for ever to come to. Too much filler I guess you can say. But nothing to were you want to stop reading the book completely either. I had read a few reviews and kept seeing great ratings on this book, so I decided that I would hang in there until the end. And im glad I did, because the book had a great ending. Totally recommend this book in the series, and actually its a must to read, because then you wont be left with so many questions. Happy Reading!!  

Bully (Fall Away Series) By Penelope Douglas

Bully - Penelope Douglas

Quote: “You were my tempest, my thunder cloud, my tree in the downpour. I loved all those things, and I loved you. But now? You’re a fucking drought. I thought that all the assholes drove German cars, but it turns out that pricks in Mustangs can still leave scars.”


When I picked up this book I had no idea that I had read something from this author. And I also really liked that book. She is the author of Stepbrother Dearest. I remember totally loving that book. This book was a little different, Jared and Tate grew up being best friends and being there for one another. Then one summer Jared goes away to have a visit with his dad and comes back a totally different kid. From that point on the relationship between Tate and Jared shifts completely. And the loving caring little boy that was once there is gone. And poor Tate ends up getting nothing but cruel hurtful torments from Jared and the whole school he turns against her. She puts up with the torment throughout the years. Then before senior year she leaves to France for a year and comes back a different person as well. She comes back a fighter. The weak, cowardly cry baby is gone, now she comes back stronger than ever. When they push she pushes back harder. The book picks up real nicely after she comes back from France. It totally wraps you up and captivates you from that point. Which is not far in at all. I know a lot of people did not really find this book their cup of tea i think I even saw the word distaisful in some reviews. I in the other hand thought this book was written magnificently. I think I picked up this book and not took it so serious. Took it for what it is, a book with a great story line. Just my opinion of course, and no disrespect to anybody else's. I really do think Penelope Douglas did such a wonderful job with this book and story line. She started this book with such a heart wrenching story and wrapped it up and gave us a story of love forgiveness and understanding. A must read, Happy Reading!!

Carter By RJ. Lewis

Carter - R.J. Lewis

Quote: I needed simple. I needed something beautiful without pain. I should have realized they came hand in hand.


*Sigh...Yes I started this Review with a sigh. This book was just AMAZING! This book really caught me off guard on how good it was. It was emotional, exciting, captivating and any other word you might want to add to it.. You know when you sometimes pick up a book and really don't expect much, but something to pass time while you get sleepy. Well boy was I totally wrong. Let me give you the quick synopses: Childhood friends Leah and Carter Matheson grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another through their love for music. Leah has always been in love with him since the first time she laid eyes on him at age 10. Carter in the other hand keeps her at arms length but close enough to protect her from bullying and teasing from everyone around her. The book is written from childhood to adulthood, and I have to say that those are the best books. Yes I know that sometimes the build up and development of the relationships and characters is slow, but you have to know and understand how these relationships developed through out the book. And this book shows us perfectly how that happens. Carter is such an easy character to fall for and you end up loving him so much. I do wish there was more of his POV. Throughout the book you get very small snippets of how he feels and what his thinking, but not enough for me by far. Leah story is more developed than Carters through the book, but even more in the beginning. You feel such heartbreak for her. From the beginning till the end she is so strong and independent that you wonder how she does it. Coming from such poverty and not having anyone to love her and take care of her as a child. And through all this she remains hopeful, and I totally love that about her. She stays positive for both. She is convinced that they will find love and make something out of themselves together. Do want to say that this book comes with a cliffhanger. But its soo worth it!. It gave the author a reason to give us book 2 in the Series *Leah (Carter Book 2)...Happy Reading!!!

Sincerley Carter By Whitney G.

Sincerely, Carter - Whitney Gracia Williams

Quote: ”Some people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some for a lifetime.”


Never have been the one that buys a book right when it comes out, But I have read the "Reasonable Doubt" Series by Whitney G. and I fell in love with her writing. So when I found out that she had brought out something new, well I just couldn't help my self to wait. And I am so happy I didn't. This book is fantastic from beginning to end. It is funny, sexy and so entertaining. So the book is about Arizona and Carter, who are best friends since 5th grade, but you will have Arizona argue about that. Since her recollection would be 4th grade..*Yes there are arguments in the book about that...lol. They first meet each other and end up hatting one another. But somehow that hate grows into a friendship that last all the way through college. They also grow up not having interest in one another. And somewhere along the way things start changing for both. The build up of feelings that grows between these two is unbearable and I loved that about it. We also get the dual POV which is wonderful! The character were so real that at times were  even relatable, and how often do we get that in a book?..not much, at least for me it doesn't happen often. I am disappointed that there was no epilogue, that would have been the icing on the cake for me with this book. Overall a fun read that entertains you from the moment you start the book. And if I was given more stars to work with I would totally give it a ten!!....I totally hope everyone gets a chance to read this and enjoy it as much as I did....Happy Reading!

Beautiful Bastard By Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

Where to start this review is the question...I mean this book was just so exhausting when I read it. I was literally tired with all the back and forth between these two characters in the book. Ok first of all let me give a quick Synopses, or at least my version of it: An ambitious intern named Chloe Mills and a perfectionist executive named Bennett Ryan. Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family's massive media business. And ends up with Chloe Mills as his intern/assistant. So both work together, him being a complete ass and her right back at him. There you go pretty much that is how most of the book goes. Him slinging crap her way and her returning it. Then they end up throwing crazy sex in the mix..lol. The book was a fast read and entertaining at times, but there's just so much sex you can have in a book right? I mean don't get me wrong I love hot, sexy sex scene, such a entertainment to see the actual build up and all but, every single chapter almost the same thing. Plus my question is how the hell can they pull that off. Having sex in every public place they can think off and never get caught, I mean not a passer by or someone by accident walking in nothing. I mean WOW! they sure knew how to pick the right time and places throughout all the book...lol. I cant say that I will stop reading the series after this book, but I do hope there's more of a bigger story line than just to people not getting along and having some kind of power trip over each other. In the end it did make me laugh a couple of times. And like a said before, never having been the one to quit on a series that I start...Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for "Beautiful Stranger" Book 2 in the series to be a little better. Happy Reading People!

Fighting to Forgive By J.B Salsbury

Fighting to Forgive - J.B. Salsbury

Ahh yesss!!  Blake and Layla what a wonderful story. What can I say about me and my MMA fighters...First of all J.B Took this series to a whole other level. I mean Blake shows us a whole other side to himself that in book 1 was not there. The protector and the loving man that he could be. In book one he is written in as the more charismatic funny kind of guy. But in book 2 "Fighting to Forgive" we find out why he uses laughter to hide his pain. And Layla, Well she is a whole other story all by herself, a single mother with a 16 year old daughter that move to Las Vegas to start a new life on their own. But the fun and madness start once Layla meets Blake "The Snake" Daniel. Both characters come together and fight to find heeling from their past together. First time I have read anything from this author, well besides the first book in the Series "Fighting for Flight". And I have been totally impressed with the authors writing in both books. She is able to bring two people that are in totally different ages and have them have something in common. But most of all she brings two people that are emotionally damaged and scarred, but within that pain they are able to find kindness and love once gain with each other.  

Existence By Abbie Glines

Existence - Abbi Glines

Wow!.. What a book :) I really loved this book. Was hooked on it from chapter 1. A real quick Synopsys: Pagan Moore is a seventeen year old girl that is able to see ghost since childhood. Then one day she goes to school and notices a sexy guy lounging on a picnic table watching her. Problem is that he is dead and her appointed time to die is drawing near and the wickedly beautiful soul she is falling in love with is not a soul at all. 

Pretty good right?! Well I was able to finish this series in one sitting and since I read it through Kindle Audio edition, going to school did not stop me from reading it. My drive there and back was entertaining. :) . I do have some complains, but the good points about this book over shadows that. I always say that a forbidden love in a book makes it that more interesting. And this book has that and more. A bad boy you cannot have?..Yes please! To see a Dank do everything he can to protect her is insanely sexy. He really does make this whole book shine all by himself.  It definitely is a quick read, it would not have hurt for the book to be a little longer. But as a reader and a fan of Abbi Glines I totally take what I can get with this series. Now my only complain is about one of the characters. And that would be Pagan. To me she is introduced to us to be such a well rounded smart girl. That knows what she wants. Then somewhere in the middle she cracks and becomes this overly emotion stupid girl. Ugh had to roll my eyes a few times. But through all that Dank comes in and Saves the show of Pagans breakdown. He really does, the book picks up and throws you in to a guessing game madness. I'll just say that the ending twist is to die for!...Your left like WHAT!!!!. Totally recommend this book, Worth hanging in there...Happy reading!