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Fighting To Breathe By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Fighting to Breathe - Aurora Rose Reynolds

Quote: "She's home and she's mine. The difference between me and you, even if she wanted to get away from me I would never let her go."

Aurora Rose Reynolds



Our queen of alpha's has done it again... Its no surprise that I got this book a soon as it came out. I knew that this was going to be another successful book and series for Aurora. In this book we meet Lea and Austin. Both growing up and planning their future together in a small town. But when tragedy hits Lea's life She prefers to run away from the only place she has called home and the only man she has ever loved. Fifteen years later she returns home to take care of her mom that has fallen ill. And being from a small town she knows it will be hard to avoid running into Austin. Austin still trying to move on from Lea's abandonment carries nothing but anger and resentment, so when the unforeseen happens, Austin feels the love and hate toward her as he felt 15 years ago when she left him. This was such a touching and heartfelt story, we as readers are able to feel these wonderful characters pain. And you want nothing but to fix the situation for them. And usually , I do not have patience for misunderstanding and miscommunication in love stories. Just because I see that its something that is so easy to fix between them. But with this book I got so lost in their story and pain that non of that mattered to me. The heart break of seeing her go through all that pain, it just became a big Kleenex moment..lol. Quick side note: I've read most of all Auroras books and series, and I've never read her writing about thirty something year olds. This was another big plus for me. Just because I could relate to these characters. She wrote about them wonderfully. And the only reason it got less than the five stars is because I would have loved for it to be a bit longer. But other than that it was perfect.Thank you Aurora for another great love story, and I cant wait to read Book 2: "Wide Open Spaces" The story of Zach and Shelby in the Series. Make sure to mark your calendars, coming 2016. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!