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Bro By Joanna Blake

BRO' - Joanna Blake, Pincushion Press, Shauna Kruse

Quote: "I'm going to walk away right now. I'm going to walk away and leave you in the same state of frustration I've been in all month. And next time, Next time you will beg me not to stop".



So im not sure were I lost the order of these books. But from what I read, this book came before reading "Bad Boy for Summer". Because in this book we get introduce to the characters in BBFS. Although if Im being honest I really don't think you would need to read Bro First. But this book does give an introduction of who are some of the characters in BBOS. So ok now that I got that out of the way...In this book we are introduced to Clayton Westfield a very rich full of himself kind of guy. And not very likeable at all in the beginning. We also have Nevada (Mouse) a not so rich girl that lives with her mother an employee of Clay's father. With both her mother and her living on top of the garage on the same property as Clay they practically grow up together. Nevada has always had a crush on clay even as kids, but of course clays feeling for her are not the same. Until they both leave away to different schools and she comes back looking a lot different than how Clay remembers her. From the point that Clay lays eyes on her the chasing game changes around. Now you have a desperate Clay trying to grab her attention in anyway he can. From that point on You start liking the new Clay. His not the same Douche guy that shows up home after being away for a few years. The book is another quick read, I wished the story was a little bit longer just so we can get to know more on some of these characters and their stories. I did love this story, and maybe its because I had already read some of their background stories in "Bad Boy For Summer". That I just wanted to speed read through all this book. Overall its a cute sexy read with the ending feeling a bit rushed, but with that being said it is a great book to add to my collection. Totally do recommend this baby to everyone.....Happy reading!!!