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The Law Of Moses

The Law of Moses - Amy Harmon

Quote: “There are laws. There are rules. And when you break them, there are consequences. Laws of nature and laws of life. Laws of love and laws of death.” 



I try not to go into a book by reading the back description. If anything I love just picking it up and getting surprised by putting the story together as I read. But I think with this one I should have read the description. I do want to say that it was a cute sweet book, and the cover alone is AMAZING!!,...but I think this one was not for me at all. As a matter of fact I think im going to be part of that 1% that did not enjoy it.  So let me give you a little of the description: Its about a baby/Boy that is left in a basket at a dingy Laundromat, born to a crack addict and He grows up to have all kinds of problems as a teenager. That's how much the description gives you. As to what the story might be about. Because everything else added in the description is very I guess you can say shadowy. Its like the author wanted the reader to go into it kind of blind. So I did, But as it turned out its more of a paranormal read than anything. I was kind of taken back when I started figuring out what the book was really about. Because as I said the description does not give an idea of what kind of read this will be. Also the Connection and romance between the two main characters is totally not existent, at all. Which made the book even harder to believe and read. Overall Its a cute sweet book written gorgeously, but I do feel that this book is written for more of a younger reader than anything. So if you like a fast read and paranormal is your kind of book. This one is surely for you...Happy reading!!!