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Player By Joanna Blake

PLAYER - Joanna Blake, Pincushion Press, Shauna Kruse

Quote: " I'd spend my entire adolescences madly in love with him, A fucken jock who barely knew I was alive. I'd worked hard to get him out of my head and my stupid, teenage heart. And now, he was here, in my face hitting on me. Fuck Me."

- Joanna Blake, Player



Ahh yess...The quick reads I love so much. This has been the 3rd book I have read of Joanna Blake. And for some reason I always end up picking them up right when I feel a reading slump coming on. And after I read them BOOM! im back in business on my speed reading journey. Well that's what my husband calls it..lol. Any who!...Let me get the introductions started. In this book we meet Charismatic Man-whore James Fitzpatrick. A guy that came from nothing and has worked hard to be the best Quarterback on the field. Coming from nothing and now having anything he wants when he wants it, gets him by surprise when he meets Nadine and she turns him down. Sweet Nadine once crazy for James as teenage kids, feels nothing but resentment towards him for not remembering her.  Nadine doesn't understand how he doesn't remember her, with them growing up right next door to each other. And even times where his Mom took her in and feed her. Nadine to me has to be the total heart break of the story. Having such a hard life growing up with alcoholic parents and a abusive step-dad. She decided to run away from home and start her own life by herself away from them. Not realizing that she would end up in the same school with James himself. Once he lays eyes on her, and her refusing every play he throws at her, is when the fun begins. This story was cute, funny, and a sexy read. The characters are very welcoming and I love that about the authors books. I love how she is able to always combine and include a tough, protective, Alpha in every book. For they have been present in all 3 books I have read. The author always seems to make sure a Cocky alpha is stomped right on his ass by a cute next door kind of girl...Enjoy that very much..lol  Somehow I always wishe her book were a tad bit longer, just so we can get to know a little more about the characters and the story around them. Cause once I hit the ending im yelling at my poor kindle NOOoooo!!!!!... That's the only reason im not giving it a 5 star. Because other than that her books are a cute light reads, that get my reading pump going.  Enjoy My Reading Junkies!