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Alec By L.A Casey

Alec (Slater Brothers) (Volume 2) - L. A. Casey

Quote: “The first word is 'Fine'. When a woman says this during an argument, she knows she is right and that you are very wrong. She is not fine - you're not fine, nothing is fine."




What to say about this series......Ok before anything I do want to say that this series has entertained me from book 1. And I know there is still a few more books to go, but so far I have really fallen for the Slater brothers series. But this one in particular took a turn on me in the end. But before we get into that, Are all Irish girls the same? in attitude Pretty much all the female girls in these books have had such a ugly attitude. Keela was so immature with really bad temper. Why???.....I wasn't able to connect with her at all. And I really tried, but no go. And why so many insecurities? I was ready to give up on this book, but in a sense im glad I hung in there. At least so I can understand were this story is left off and the other brother story begins. To be honest I cant even give you a good review, this book and story was everywhere. And then in the end once you hit about 80% , this book has you throwing your Kindle across the room. you are left with a big WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Yes that exaggerating. ...Lol. It was such a WTH moment..To me this book was just not believable at all, you don't get to find anything relatable with the characters. But honestly with that being said ..I do have to be honest and say that it is entertaining in some way. To me anyways, it was. I don't think one unrelatable book in this series is going to make me quit from getting to know the other brothers stories. So I am and I will hang in there and continue with my beloved Slater brothers. Read at your own risk my reading Junkies. On to read Slater brother Kane!