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Love on a Dirt Road By Nicole Hart

Love on a Dirt Road (The Roughneck Series Book 1) - Nicole Hart

Quote: My mind would probably convince me later that I wasn't ready for this. But right now, I don't care. I just wanted him close to me.



I am a true believer from previous experiences that when you read a book or a new book series you have to go in with not having such high expectations. Just so like that you wont be disappointed by any hype from other readers. I was in a few chapters and I was already hooked by this wonderful series. This book really was all that and more. It was cute romantic and everything in between. Lets start with the rundown on these wonderful charismatic characters. Laney grew up in a small town and ends up leaving after a tragedy hits home. But then having the workings of life bringing her back, that and a ex-boyfriend she has to leave behind. (There's more to that story, but I preffer not to give to much away.) Then you also have Jase, a tattoed roughneck with his own private baggage. But even though you have a pair of somewhat shaded souls, when they come together its soo magical. You love Jase right from the beginning, such a laid back, loving kind of guy, and only when he feels threaten he comes out swinging..Ugh! so sexy I tell you!. We also have a few other characters that shine through the whole book. Her best friend Sam is totally one of them. She is so funny and wild, that im hopeful book 2 in the series is based on her. Overall the author was able to give us a very believable and more of a relatable story than others. I mean this book has everything sweet, sexy, funny as hell and a great hangover once your done. Great thing is that Book 2 in this series is out and ready for us to continue with this wonderful series. Happy Reading Kiddos!!!