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Broken By J.L Drake

Broken (Broken Trilogy Book 1) - J.L. Drake

Quote: “You can always fall, Savannah, because I will be the one catching you.”   

                                          ― J.L. Drake, Broken



Wow!, This book was fantastic from beginning to end. Embarrassed to say that before I even picked up this book I had not heard of it. So thank you to all my reading buds from Instagram that pointed me to this wonderful series. Oh yes this book is a 3 book series so we literally have something after book 1 and 2. Quick synopsis: Savannah Miller is the daughter of the mayor of New York City. Who is kidnapped and tortured for 7 months, don't worry im not spoiling anything that the actual books description doesn't give us. Then one night she ends up being rescued by a elite group of army soldiers and taken to a safe house to live in for her protection.  O.K. So in the beginning the book is very hard to read because of the treatment she gets while being captive. And its so heart breaking to see her going through so much because when she is rescued she is completely broken. Somewhere in middle the book starts to show us her healing process, but while she is doing that there is so much lies, deceit, and dishonesty going on all around her that she doesn't even know who to trust. But one person does end up winning her love and trust. His name is Cole Logan, and this character wins you completely over. He plays a very big part in her turmoil of emotions. Since he was part of the rescue mission to get her out from where she was held captive. The book is such a fast read and it totally takes into a rollercoaster of a guessing game of who is involved in the whole scheme. I do like telling the readers when a book is left in a cliffhanger, and this one my Kiddos does. But no worries because Book 2 "Shattered" is already out for you guys to pick up and read. And I wont even start on that book because WOW!!!...I'll just leave that book for my review coming up. Totally recommend this book for everyone to read.......Happy Reading!!