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Fear Me By B.B Reid

Fear Me (Broken Love Book 1) - B.B. Reid

Quote: “I’m afraid for him because every day he has to fight the person he is, to be the person he wants to be.”  


I mean wow!, what a book. It really kind of caught me off guard. There was even a moment somewhere in the 20% through 60% I was ready to throw my kindle across the room of how frustrated this book was making me. I knew that this book was more on the dark side when I picked it up. But everyone kept raving about this series so much, that I just totally had to start it right away. But nobody told me that I was going to end up having all these mix feelings over the book. I mean I was so ready to hide under my covers wondering why I was enjoying this book so much. I was reading page after page of uncomfortable sexual encounters and cruelty between these two characters ( Yes very uncomfortable situations). So we have Lake Manroe a girl that has been bullied and tormented through out her childhood from a boy-Guy named Keiran Masters. After coming back from being away in prison, he comes out with a vengeance and with even more hatred against Lake. Being that the blame points to her for him being arrested. The hatred and the cruelty in this book reminds me so much of the book "Bully By Penelope Douglas". These authors have me wondering where they get their inspiration to write all this stuff..lol Sometimes I really had a hard time believing that all this drama is based around a high school atmosphere. It feels more like we are reading a book with more than just stupid teenagers in it. Through all this cruelty feelings start to grow between these two. Which is hard to believe at times, but entertaining non the less. I mean I can keep going and going about this book. I am sure it will bring every emotion to the surface when you read it. And if you go in it, without taking the context to serious you will end up reading a very good, and entertaining book. That will have you drinking a glass of wine and sighing once your done. Happy reading Kiddos!!