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Return to me By Julia Templeton

Return to Me - Julia Templeton

Quote: "For the first time in a long while am doing what I desire.......But at what cost."



I will try my hardest not to be so hard on this book. I read this book in about a day and a half. I was really, really pushing myself to finish the book. The book is about a girl/ witch  named Gabriella Fairmont who is betrayed by her uncle and sold off and promised for marriage to a aristocrat. Their is also a 500 year old vampire named Darius MacLeod who is invited to a ball by his twin brother Demetri, also a vampire by the way. He sees Gabriella there for the first time. With Gabriella resembling Darius dead wife, he falls in love all over again. He offers his help to Gabriella and takes her away from London to his home in Scotland. As you can see there's witches, vampires and love. You would think this book will be totally awesome..right?....Yea sorry no go for me. Their relationship was totally not existent, there was no build up in the relationship at all. And I think that's what kind of ruined it for me. Its like they met and then they were having sex the next day, totally unbelievable. The book did not captivate me at all.  And to be honest the secondary relationship in the book between his brother Demetri and their maker Remont was so much believable then what Gabriella and Darius had. That relationship was so intriguing. I would be looking forward to the chapters with their love story more than the main love story. In the end I was left so many questions than answers, and that was so frustrating. Overall the book totally had potential to be a really good story, but it just fell way to short for me.