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Existence By Abbie Glines

Existence - Abbi Glines

Wow!.. What a book :) I really loved this book. Was hooked on it from chapter 1. A real quick Synopsys: Pagan Moore is a seventeen year old girl that is able to see ghost since childhood. Then one day she goes to school and notices a sexy guy lounging on a picnic table watching her. Problem is that he is dead and her appointed time to die is drawing near and the wickedly beautiful soul she is falling in love with is not a soul at all. 

Pretty good right?! Well I was able to finish this series in one sitting and since I read it through Kindle Audio edition, going to school did not stop me from reading it. My drive there and back was entertaining. :) . I do have some complains, but the good points about this book over shadows that. I always say that a forbidden love in a book makes it that more interesting. And this book has that and more. A bad boy you cannot have?..Yes please! To see a Dank do everything he can to protect her is insanely sexy. He really does make this whole book shine all by himself.  It definitely is a quick read, it would not have hurt for the book to be a little longer. But as a reader and a fan of Abbi Glines I totally take what I can get with this series. Now my only complain is about one of the characters. And that would be Pagan. To me she is introduced to us to be such a well rounded smart girl. That knows what she wants. Then somewhere in the middle she cracks and becomes this overly emotion stupid girl. Ugh had to roll my eyes a few times. But through all that Dank comes in and Saves the show of Pagans breakdown. He really does, the book picks up and throws you in to a guessing game madness. I'll just say that the ending twist is to die for!...Your left like WHAT!!!!. Totally recommend this book, Worth hanging in there...Happy reading!