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Oblivion By Jamie McGuire

By Jamie McGuire Beautiful Oblivion: A Novel (The Maddox Brothers Series) - Jamie McGuire

Decided to read this book and all the books out in "The Maddox Brothers Series" a second time, just so I can have everything fresh in my mind when Beautiful Sacrifice comes out on March 21,2015. I'm not sure what happened after reading this book the second time around. I totally remember loving this book, but this time around not so much. I mean I still like/love it, but there are a few things I didn't quite like this time. I know a lot of people say that there's a lot of similarities to Beautiful Disaster, but honestly I still don't see the similarities anywhere. What I do notice is that its super slow and lacks the build up to a revealed secret that I just don't understand why and how was that a secrete to begin with. And Camille just makes her self look horrible in the book. Why the back and forth? But with all this said I do not dislike the book or the series. I just feel that maybe this time around I read the book with out any expectations, like I did the first time around. Its sometimes good to go into a book not expecting anything but a decent read. I do remember reading this book right after Beautiful Disaster, and that meant that I was in a total Maddox Brothers high..lol . I mean I was obsessed with this series, and I even still am. All in all I will continue loving and reading this series and every book that Jamie McGuire writes. But I guess it never hurts to read a book a second time around... Happy Reading Everyone!