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Until July By Aurora Reynolds

Until July - Aurora Rose Reynolds

Once I was introduced to Aurora Reynolds books I have turned into a real fan of her writing. I loved all of the Until Series with the Mayson brothers, and now I can say I will continue reading the spin off series. Until July is book one of the spin off series, this book and as I understand all the other companion books that will be added to this series will be based on the Mayson Kids. Until July is the story of July Mayson which is November's and Asher's Mayson First born daughter. Don't want to get to much into how many children they have so I don't spoil the book for the readers who have not yet read the Until Series. It was kind of different to read a book in this Until series were the story is based around  a Mayson female falling hard for a guy. When we as fans of the series have only read the Mayson men falling hard for someone. I actually really enjoyed that about the book. So July Mayson falls hard for a Biker named Wes Silver. Or as the Mayson family says, "She has found her Boom"..Yes the whole cuteness of that Idea in the Mayson family continues through out this series. Which I love by the way :) There is not a really big story line that gives a page turner like the other books do, but the book does give you a story. But Its really more based on the relationship that July has with her dad on being over protective with her. And now her being able to introduce Wes to him. All in all it is a cute book but I would have proffered to have more of a dangerous or a little more Alpha in it...lol To me it was a little too much cuteness which is fine and all but having testosterone is more my preference. Hope everyone enjoys this one :)