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Until Series By Aurora Rose Reynolds

 Well this review will be somewhat different than my other single book reviews. Besides Tillie Coles series I have never fallen in lone with such wonderful characters like these, In Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I have never gone for a book with having nothing but Naked men in the cover. But since im a big fan of body art, that is why this series caught my eye. "And I should thank my hubby for that"..lol. This series is written around a family of brothers "The Mayson Boys". And most of them have all the same qualities head strong, possessive, cocky at times and of course good looking, but most of all very kind. And the woman they fall in love with are all very different and with different back stories that once each of these boys meet their girl or how they put it, meet their "BOOM"!!!....Yes that is what they call it..lol. I even love the cuteness of these characters. Each Mayson brother is thrown into a world they thought they will never want or care for with these women. I was hooked with Until November from then on I could not wait to start the next one. Out of all four books I have to say that Until Lilly was the one that I really loved. Until Lilly totally made me feel for the characters in that book. Very, Very say at times. And the books that are written with such emotion are the ones that I totally fall for. What can I say, im a sucker for heartbreaking stories with a happy ending.  I would have to give 5 star to all the books, well maybe a 4 star to Until Trevor. but that's only because it dragged a little too much for me. But other than that all books have to be rated high. I cant wait to pick up the Spin off of this series...YAY!!  Until July is the next book  by this author and its a standalone book, spin off of the Mayson brothers.