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I've Got your Number By Sophie Kinsella

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella



Can I just say how much I really liked this book. I decided to read something more in the lighter side after reading Vandal. And let me just say that this book was so entertaining and fluffy from beginning to end. I have seen books by Sophie Kinsella but have never went ahead and picked one up to read. And now im feeling so left out of this whole Sophie Kinsella world out there...lol. I like that this whole story is really established around a phone that is found in the trash. Which by the way now has me looking into trash can every time I go by one..lol. So you have two people now sharing one phone. The funniest stuff come in when you have the wrong person of the two holding on to it. This is were Poppy comes in, a cute and very impulsive character in the book. The stuff she gets herself in through out the book is by itself soooo entertaining. We also have Sam a workaholic business man that is, or at least tries to be very private about his life in general. But leave it to Poppy to have him having almost heart attacks on her impulsive decisions. The whole interaction between these two characters that are funny and clever in their own way is so enjoyable to read. Not sure why I didn't totally love the book, I mean it has everything that a good book should have. And I would definitely recommend this book. But I did enjoy it and liked it a lot. And I would definitely pick up another Sophie Kinsella's book. Which by the way there are a few out there. Plus she will be adding to her collection her first YA book called "Finding Aubrey". It will be published June 2015.