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Heart Recaptured By Tillie Cole

Wow!, What can be said about this book...I mean it was such a wonderful story. I have totally fallen in love with KY and Lilah. This book series could not get any better.....The story picks up were "It ain't me babe" left off. With the saving of Lilah and Maddie from the Cult Compound they were in. But there adapting to the world outside is not as easy as it was for Mae, Specially for Lilah. Through most of the whole book Lilah desperately wants to be returned to the religious compound so she can be saved. And because of that she fights everyone on the way. I mean I give her that much Tillie wrote her character to have such spunk and even though she was scared out of her mind to be in the outside world. Nobody in the Hangmen's club including Mae or KY for that matter are able to make her understand that she was lied to. From the get go KY is captivated by Lilah's beauty but as he is assigned to be a teacher per say, to be the one that introduces the outside world to her. He is also captivated by her ignorance of the world around her, and the captivation turns into protectiveness. This is were KY begins to shine like a big star in my eyes. The way he begins to make her understand that she is his equal. From teaching her to speak for her self to sitting and eating with the men for dinner. I mean KY just totally wins me over...Sigh! You will see that KY makes such big leaps and progress with her, but as you read on and you get to the part were Lilah has her own thoughts you start to see that Lilah has made no progress at all. She continues to question everything that the outside world is showing her and those believes that were literally beaten and abused in her are still there. She still yearns to be saved and to be back in the compound. By the end of the book something big occurs that in the end makes her question everything the cult has taught her. And when this happens I literally had to put the book down to take a breather. I was not able to read thru. How Mrs. Tillie  comes up with some of this harsh stuff is beyond me. But WOW!!....After a long coffee break I went back at it. And let me tell you, you really need to keep your Kleenex close. I so wanted to put myself in the book to help Lilah in anyway I could. But as I read through all this madness I realize that with out these tragedies happening  Lilah would not be able to be at peace with herself. The ending was just so horrible (in a good way) but with out Lilah going through all this I believe that the book would not be able to have such a beautiful ending, like it did. I totally recommend this book to everyone, But do remember that you have to read "It ain't me Babe" first before moving on to this one. And I promise you that you will love the first book as well.  


"Before you I was vacant of love. Now I am replete. Before you I lived without hope. Now I am inspired. Before you I was broken. Now I am whole."