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The Hunt..By Andrew Fukuda

Well what can I say about this awesome book :)..So the premise is very different, we usually have the vampires being the ones hunted by humans and in this book its the other way around. And the handful of humans are in hiding, well not really in hiding more like trying to live in the vampires world side by side them. Fukuda does such a wonderful job on ramping up the tension with the humans living in the vampire world...Kudos on that!! Thru the whole book you are practically on the edge of your sit. The hunt is a fast paced book that is wonderfully written and it looks like Fukuda really sat down to figure out what kind of vampires he wanted for his book. The ending product is vampires that are totally creepy from not having any face expressions to the scratching of the wrist....Loved, loved this book. :)....Going straight to the next one.