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Seven Sons By Lili St Germain

Seven Sons - Lili St. Germain

Quote: “Confucius said, “Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” I planned to dig seven.”




Wow!..Is really all I can say about this book. This totally took me through a danm roller-coaster. So before I start the review I do want to say that this book is very dark and im sure it does have triggers for some people so I just do want to put that out there. Ok so as I was reading the book description on Amazon and Goodreads I notice that the book really does not leave anything out. Most of the stuff that a reader, I believe should find out by reading the book is practically told on the description. But I went ahead and read it because a reading buddy from Insta really recommended it. This book is amazing...AMAZING!!!...I mean its not what happens but how it happened, I hope you understand what im trying to say. After reading the book I see and understand why is it that the description practically gave everything away. Its the stuff that's happening in between all that and how it happens that leaves you completely hooked. im going to give a short synopsis..Juliette aka Sam is born into the biker life and raised in it by her father, a leader of the Gypsy Brothers MC. When her father dies of a crime he didn't commit at the hands of another Brother the VP...Dornan Ross and his sons. They not only kill Juliette's father but they end up taking Juliette and damaging her in everyway possible. After barely escaping them practically still a child, she comes back at 21 looking for blood and wanting to take revenge on all them. So to my readers be prepared to read this with a somewhat open mind, so like that your able to enjoy the book. I also want to say that as you will see this is book one of a 7 part book series, YES! seven book await us :). But with that being said don't over think it to much because if all the books are like this one, they will be a fast read. A fast read as in one sitting. Yea the books are not that long at all. But like I said if there anything like this they will keep us on pins and needles. Hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. :)