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Beautiful Redemption By Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Redemption: A Novel (Maddox Brothers Book 2) - Jamie McGuire

Quote: “I lost someone I loved before, and it changed me. I gave up someone I loved before, and it crushed me. I know that when you leave, Liis, however it goes down...it will end me.”   




Aaand she's back!!..Yes she has brought that wonderful feeling and writing that she had in "Beautiful Disaster" again. When I finished reading Beautiful Oblivion I was so disappointed with the opening book for this series. But this one right here has brought me back to that wonderful book hangover that I love so much from books. Loyal readers as my self that have followed the Maddox Brothers from the beginning have hoped that book 2 would give us a more captivating story than what the opening book did. We start with Liis (Yes that's how its spelled) She is a new transferred FBI agent to San Diego that makes a crazy decision the night before her first day on the job that turns everything from a hopeful beginning to hoping she was just back home. Then we also have our beloved Maddox Brother, Thomas Maddox is the oldest of the bunch and the way the author wrote him in is the more laid back of the boys. Running a tight ship and being a pain in the ass to the other FBI agents is what Thomas does best. But when the awkward running happens with Liis is when the book starts getting entertaining. Now I wont give too much away but I do have somewhat of a complain..... This brother was kind of hard for me to I guess you can say accept the way he was. He is so different than the other brothers, I mean I get it so he is the brother with the broken heart by Camille. And maybe that's why he acts like a total emotional girl...yes I said it!.. The constant presence of Camille just ruins the whole chemistry that Liis and Thomas would have. I mean she was almost in every dam chapter. They would come to a understandable agreement then BOOM! her ugly reminder would pop out and we start all over to square one. "Oh Camille how I hated and disliked you in this book"!...And Thomas is so week in this book, I mean Liis had more attitude and balls than he did..Why!?!?!?! His a Maddox Brother Dammit!...Ok im done Venting, Lets move on. So over all this book has a great story that actually gets you hooked, because the story goes back all the way to Beautiful Disaster. All the plot stories from Beautiful Disaster to Beautiful Oblivion are weaved in to this story. We also get to see all the wonderful characters and all the brothers pop in and out through out the book. I cannot wait to read book 3 Beautiful Sacrifice, because if its anything like this book im totally in. Happy Reading!!