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Leah By R.J Lewis

Leah (Carter Book 2) - R.J. Lewis

Quote: That girl has been in love with you since the moment she saw you. You were her childhood love. You were her fucking god. She might’ve wiped your asshole if you asked her to. Chicks don’t move on from the same kind of love she had for you. They might live with it, they might learn to love other guys, but they don’t move on. Inside, the what-ifs consume them.”   



I enjoyed this book so much. I was also lucky enough to be able to read Leah pretty much right after Carter. Leah is book 2 in the Carter Series, And if your interested you can go see my review on book 1 on this series as well. So Leah starts 5 years after the book left off. But I should warn you that this book goes back and forth from present time to 2 years back. Im sure not a lot of readers will like that, but I should add that this book is written very clear and its not confusing at all with the back and forth. In this book Leah is more independent and matures to grow in her own skin without Carter on her side. Although I can say that sometimes this new Leah in this book gets a little bit annoying with her wanting to be on her own. All the pushing Carter away got a little old. My heart broke so much for Carter. His longing to be with her was so unbearable to read at times. I think that's why she would get on my nerves..lol. Both characters in this book grow up and mature separately instead of being stuck by the hip, like the last book. But still throughout the years that went by they never stop thinking and yearning for each other. In my opinion this book really turned out great, the reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 was because I felt that in some instances the book stretched out a little too much. A point that could have been wrapped up pretty quickly took for ever to come to. Too much filler I guess you can say. But nothing to were you want to stop reading the book completely either. I had read a few reviews and kept seeing great ratings on this book, so I decided that I would hang in there until the end. And im glad I did, because the book had a great ending. Totally recommend this book in the series, and actually its a must to read, because then you wont be left with so many questions. Happy Reading!!