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Carter By RJ. Lewis

Carter - R.J. Lewis

Quote: I needed simple. I needed something beautiful without pain. I should have realized they came hand in hand.


*Sigh...Yes I started this Review with a sigh. This book was just AMAZING! This book really caught me off guard on how good it was. It was emotional, exciting, captivating and any other word you might want to add to it.. You know when you sometimes pick up a book and really don't expect much, but something to pass time while you get sleepy. Well boy was I totally wrong. Let me give you the quick synopses: Childhood friends Leah and Carter Matheson grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another through their love for music. Leah has always been in love with him since the first time she laid eyes on him at age 10. Carter in the other hand keeps her at arms length but close enough to protect her from bullying and teasing from everyone around her. The book is written from childhood to adulthood, and I have to say that those are the best books. Yes I know that sometimes the build up and development of the relationships and characters is slow, but you have to know and understand how these relationships developed through out the book. And this book shows us perfectly how that happens. Carter is such an easy character to fall for and you end up loving him so much. I do wish there was more of his POV. Throughout the book you get very small snippets of how he feels and what his thinking, but not enough for me by far. Leah story is more developed than Carters through the book, but even more in the beginning. You feel such heartbreak for her. From the beginning till the end she is so strong and independent that you wonder how she does it. Coming from such poverty and not having anyone to love her and take care of her as a child. And through all this she remains hopeful, and I totally love that about her. She stays positive for both. She is convinced that they will find love and make something out of themselves together. Do want to say that this book comes with a cliffhanger. But its soo worth it!. It gave the author a reason to give us book 2 in the Series *Leah (Carter Book 2)...Happy Reading!!!