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Fighting to Forgive By J.B Salsbury

Fighting to Forgive - J.B. Salsbury

Ahh yesss!!  Blake and Layla what a wonderful story. What can I say about me and my MMA fighters...First of all J.B Took this series to a whole other level. I mean Blake shows us a whole other side to himself that in book 1 was not there. The protector and the loving man that he could be. In book one he is written in as the more charismatic funny kind of guy. But in book 2 "Fighting to Forgive" we find out why he uses laughter to hide his pain. And Layla, Well she is a whole other story all by herself, a single mother with a 16 year old daughter that move to Las Vegas to start a new life on their own. But the fun and madness start once Layla meets Blake "The Snake" Daniel. Both characters come together and fight to find heeling from their past together. First time I have read anything from this author, well besides the first book in the Series "Fighting for Flight". And I have been totally impressed with the authors writing in both books. She is able to bring two people that are in totally different ages and have them have something in common. But most of all she brings two people that are emotionally damaged and scarred, but within that pain they are able to find kindness and love once gain with each other.