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Fighting to Flight By JB Salsbury

Fighting For Flight - Jamie Salsbury

This book fell on my laps by accident, and after reading it im so happy it did. I enjoyed this book so much written about MMA fighters was kind of awesome. A book full of Alpha Attitude..who would not love that. Yum!..right? All characters in this book are written in so well even the secondary characters. The book is about a girl named Raven Morretti the only daughter of the infamous pimp in Vegas. And Jonah Slade a MMA fighter.. Raven having a more quiet life being a loner and raising herself, she's always preferred to have it that way. A lover of cars and a mechanic is her only love at the time. Plus having only a handful of friends she trust and by that I mean 2. Her old high School teacher Guy which she sees as a father figure and her best friend Eve.  Then you have Jonah Slade ( the Assassin), A bad ass MMA fighter that puts in 100% into his fights and training, not relationships. Jonah has lived and lives a life the opposite of Raven. Being raised by great parents, loved by all, and in front of the publics eye. But all of that changes for both of them when they meet each other. And it changes even more when Raven's father Dominique Morretti comes around claiming her and wanting for her to start working for him. The book picks up pretty fast, by the middle of the book its starts to be a page turner. Also becoming a tear jerker by reading Ravens childhood stories. The secondary characters are funny and smartasses at their best, which gives the book a more lighter feel to it. Very entertaining to read. I also love that the book is written in dual POV. Now how awesome is that!. I always prefer a Dual POV,  because its gives me a better understanding on what both characters are feeling and thinking. Over all the book is written very well with the perfect amount of hot, steamy situations in it because who wants over the top repetition right?.. Fighting for Flight is book 1 of a 5 book Series, Yes! You read it right, this series has 5 wonderful books in it. Fighting for forgiveness is book 2 in the series. And we get to know more on Blake. Another MMA fighter and Jonah's best friend. Happy Reading!!