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Nine Minutes By Beth Flynn

Nine Minutes - Beth Flynn

Let me just begin this review by thanking another reader that introduce me to this wonderful book. Once again I finished this book in practically one sitting, that is how good it is and was. Its funny because I would have totally judge this book by its cover alone. Never would have picked it up as a reading choice. But im so glad I did. Honestly im not even sure were to start....The book takes place in the 70's which that right there sparked my interest, once I started reading it I notice that the story picked up fast. A 15 year old girl gets kidnapped by a motorcycle gang. Im trying to not give anything away, because this book gives so many surprises that you don't even see coming...I mean I was literally gasping through the whole book, its that good. The story was compelling and wonderfully written, I can say though that there is some parts of the story that I really didn't like at all. Not because it was badly written , but because you have a scared 15 year old girl that's surrounded by grown men that put her in some dark and uncomfortable situations, well they were for me anyways. Let me finish by saying that the suspense and the twist in this book will literally have you speed reading just to get to the next chapter..lol