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Vandal By Carian Cole

Vandal (Ashes & Embers Book 2) - Carian Cole, Lauren McKellar, Kari Ayasha



Im so baffled on how I feel about this book, I truly am. I cannot say I hated it, because there was something there I did love about it. Im a true believer that if a book is out from a series you have started, you must continue. But with this book im asking myself if it was a good idea, being that I fell in love with book 1 so much and not with this one. So Vandal is book 2 from Ashes and Embers series. I was looking forward to this book so much, after I had read Storm. As I said before the whole concept of a musician was written so wonderfully in book 1 (Storm) that I definitely needed to know the next band members story. I did prepare my self before reading Vandal, being that there was a few readers that had said it was a little more in the dark side. But nonetheless I went for it. The first few chapters by themselves were so sad and heartbreaking that it just hooked me on for the ride. Wow!, what a way to open up a book. The mere sadness of Vandal is so overwhelming, that you totally have to cheer for this guys happiness when it eventually is given to him. We also have Tabitha a woman going thru her own despair. This 2 characters are joined together to mend each others pain and heartbreak. I do have to say that there is parts in the book were you have to ask ...Why? They both have a D/S relationship which that alone got me asking WTH!!....Neither one of them are even remotely close to have any kind of relationship. Thru the hole book Vandal and Tabatha are trying to numb each other from their own personal pain they feel. I can say that there is a lot more of the book I did not like than love. I will totally not give away the story but I got surprised that there is a wonderful twist at the end that totally made me like the story a little more.