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Storm By Carian Cole

Storm (Ashes & Embers Book 1) - Rogena Mitchell-Jones, Kari Ayasha

Well this has been my first book that I have read about musicians. And I am in love with the whole story and concept. Get together a naïve /girl next door  with a very hot popular kind of guy and you get a story full of sexual tension. We meet Evelyn (Evie) a girl that to me seems kind of Bi-polar at times. She is scared about everything. Needs to be with someone 24/7 or she goes into panic attacks. Although it does get annoying at times that she cant be strong enough to be able to take care of her self. As the book progresses you start to find out why is it that she gets those panic attack and why she is the way she is. Your heart breaks and you start to feel bad for her, and understand her more. Then we have Storm, Yes people that is his real name. But I guess being in the most known rock band helps him carry that name perfectly. Their sexual tension starts from the moment they meet, well maybe not right then and there being that she needs to be rescued from being stuck in a blizzard by him. But once both of them get stuck and they end up spending 2 days in a small confined space the fun begins. Of course Storm being the initiator of everything fun. These 2 characters together brings this story and novel to life. Its not just about the sexual tension but about understanding and finding themselves as a pair that has gone thru horrific tragedy in their life. It also gives us many funny parts and situations that had me cracking up at Evelyn's ignorance and sheltered life. The author new just exactly how to put these two characters together and thru out the book be able to heal their past wounds. I really don't think I can find a big complain about this book I loved it from the beginning to end. It was such a exceptional read, definitely a book that you will not be able to put down.