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Revved By Samantha Towle

Revved - Samantha Towle




I really enjoyed this book. It was fantastic from start to finish. There was a few hiccups along the way, but I will get to that in a minute. The book is about a cocky alpha male named Carrick Ryan. A formula 1 driver that has the makings of a true winner. Then we have Andressa Wolfe, also known as Andi Amaro. She is the daughter of non other than the best Formula 1 driver William Wolfe. With her father dying and leaving her at the age of 10. She continues to be around race cars all her life. Eventually she gets lucky enough to land her dream job and working with one of the best formula 1 driver Carrick Ryan. And this is were the fun begins.....Aaah yes the chase!..lol The book grabs you right from the start. The chemistry between Carrick and Andi is ridiculously hot!!.. There is some sexual content, but its not over exaggerated and not repetitive at all. Which for a book is such a welcoming read. Ok so this is were my the issues with the book comes in....Andi's character from beginning was written as being assertive and strong then by the end she becomes this totally opposite woman of how the book started. So indecisive about everything and just could not make up her mind. Which got so much on my nerves. It was like I had started a whole different book. I was literally yelling at the damn kindle..lol It made me feel so bad for Carrick. She becomes such a pain in the ass. I'm sure you can figure out that they do end up together in the end, but it takes to much staling and drags on for awhile. Not to much, but enough to be noticeable. But with all that being said, I do totally recommend this book. It has such a different story line than your usual love story. This really was a first for me. A Irish race driver..Yasss love it!