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World After #2 By Susan Ee

World After - Susan Ee





So here we are once again, I started and finished this book practically in 2 days. Give or take.  I knew that this book was going to totally surpass my expectations. It totally sucks you in from the first page till the end. So this book is #2 in the (Penryn and the End of Days) Series. It picks up exactly were it left off, with Penryn her mom and her little sister being back with the resistance fighters. Most of the book is only about Penryn and the resistance. But about the 80% mark Raffe comes back in the picture longer than only one page. In the beginning you only read about him and what his doing to get back his one pride possession. He comes in and out through the story. Which really is the only part of the book that annoys me. But once that 40% mark hits, you become so invested in finishing the book that Raffe not being in the book takes a back sit in your worries. The relationship between Raffe and Penryn blossoms beautifully in something that is so wrongful for the Angels that for me as the reader I got even more  obsessed with them actually having something, anything.... Lol. Now putting the Chemistry aside the book is still full of action between the humans and the Angels. And even in some parts the Angels against themselves. And it all falls on having the power. For some its getting their world back and for others its being able to take over the control. But for Penryn and Raffe it becomes neither. Penryn just wants to have her family safe and  together once again. For Raffe in the other hand its being able to get back the one thing he has been fighting for...(If I say I might spoil it). But between them they also fight to know and make sure that both are ok and alive.