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Angelfall By Susan Ee

I had heard so much about this series for awhile now. So I decided to pick this up when I saw that it was on Amazon for free with Kindle Unlimeted....Yes people can we all say 'SCORE!!!" Angelfall and World After plus the third book in the Series "End of Days" that will be out on May 12, 2015 are all free to read with Kindle Unlimited. So the book opens up with a apocalyptic world, that was attacked by Angels that have descended to attack and finish every human left. One of our main characters, is a seventeen year old girl name Penryn. I like the way this character was presented to us. She is the responsible one in her family, meaning she takes care of her wheelchair bound sister and her schizophrenic mother. With so much on her you would thin that she would crack or breakdown in the book. But she doesn't she takes the world head on and deals with everything that is thrown her way.  Love, Love her character...... Then we are introduced to Raffe a bad ass Arch angel that is forced to make a deal with a human girl, because of certain circumstances he is in. This unlikely pair come together and travel through the dangerous streets and roads until getting to their destination "San Francisco".  The beginning of the book starts out good, with the introduction of all these characters and I love that about the book. The meeting of all these new layers of people that you know will be making the book sooo much interesting. I believe somewhere in the middle the book starts dragging a little. Like it takes too long to let us I know what exactly is going to happen...Yes, drove me crazy. But if you hang in there for a little the book starts to pick up real quick and the roller coaster of action begins. This book was amazing, I hadn't read anything quite like it in a while. Specially not about Angels, who new angels could be such bad Ass!!..lol. Yes it us to be vampires for me, but I believe I am ready to say that Angels are my new thing. Oh and by the way the book is left with a very "That cant be it!..Nooo!!!" But its not a bad left off, it just makes you want to go and get Book #2 even more. You guys will love this series, for the ones that have not read it yet. The little chemistry between Penryn and Raffe is wonderfully spaced out, and not rushed at all. Lets hope in Book #2 there will be more chemistry included between these 2 characters. My review for book two will be up soon :)