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Sweet Hope #4 By Tillie Cole

I don't even know how to start my review with this book. I mean Tillie seriously nocked it out of the park with this one. I will try by best not to spoil this for anybody that hasn't read it since it just came out a few days ago. I finishes this book with Kleenex everywhere..lol, you have to know that this book is a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions from beginning to end. The book begins with Ally Prince/Aliyana Lucia as a museum curator and wanting so bad to work with a Artist known as Elpidio. She flies her self to Seattle for the interview and of course lands it. Once she is there all the gang make appearances, since everyone happened to live there as well. Once Elpidio runs into Ally at the show room that's getting prepared and put together for his show is where the book starts really to unfold and shine. Sweet hope is a story of pain, forgiveness  and redemption. For Elpidio this is something that he has been living with most of his life. drowning in darkness and misery is something he has grown to know as his companion, Ally in the other hand is forgiveness, hope and light. You would probably think that one would need the other more but as you continue to read you come to realize that this 2 wonderful characters end up needing each other just as much. This isn't only the story that's happening in this book, you also have the back stories that are going on at the same time. Like Romeos and Molly, Austin and Levi. And let me add that Levi's story to me was the saddest story of them all. I practically could keep going on and on about this book. But as you will see Tillie combined all this stories wonderfully. There could have not been a better ending.....Its a very bitter sweet conclusion.