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Throne Of Glass By Sara J. Maas

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas


     I have been wanting to read this book desperately for EVER!!!!!.....But now that I have read it, I was left sitting scratching my head and asking a million questions. I sort of wanted to be part of the crowd that is able to say OMG!! I loved this book!!....And its driving me crazy that im not able to say that..Sigh  So now that I have finished my pity party lets begin with the review....This book is about a girl/Assassin named Celaena Sardothien. She gets offered her freedom in exchange she has to represent the prince in a champion competition to find a new royal assassin.Ok so the book has a great premise I mean in the first few chapters I was completely hooked. But something happened along the way that made me start loosing interest, The way the synopsis of the book was written is that she is this bass ass assassin that everyone is sooo afraid of. I mean they had her chained up for the first few chapters because she is suppose to be very dangerous. But as the book progressed she becomes so caught up in what she's wearing and the whole love triangle she has going on that she forgets what her purpose of being there is. I honestly believe that the book could have been just as good without the love triangle than with. But with all this being said I did like the book and enjoyed the last few chapter in the end. But did I love it? NO...Did I want to be desperately crazy about this book like so many others?. Most definitely!. In the end I had to really push myself to finish the book, which I really hate doing. Thank god for those last chapters that got me somewhat hooked once again. I don't blame the book for the way it turned out one bit, I just think I went into it with really high expectation. I will probably continue this series, since I had already bought "Crown of Midnight" But maybe in between read something else. Although once again I have heard fantastic things about book# 2. ....Like I always say its never a bad thing to give a series a second go add it.. ;)