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StepBrother Billionaire By Colleen Masters

Stepbrother Billionaire - Colleen Masters

I couldn't wait to get home from class to get on goodreads and see the other reviews on this book "Step-Brother Billionaire" ....WTH!!...This book is so ...Ughh im trying to be nice here.. How or why do they fall in love in like one conversation?. I mean the author didn't even try to make the story or characters believable or relatable. Im only half ways done, but to be honest im not sure im even going to continue...Sigh. And I was really looking forward to this book...........................

Update: I just finished the book, You would think that the idea of them being stepbrother and sister would be the problem i have with the book, but that was not the case at all. Maybe it was the speed that their relationship unfolds that kind of started me questioning every chapter....Yea sad to say that my thoughts on the book still stay the same. What I will add is that the end of the book was much better and was able to grab my attention a little more than the first half. It was a ok book to sit and read in one sitting to keep you busy, but not a book I would add to my favorites..lol