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Sweet Home By Tillie Cole

Sweet Home - Tillie Cole

So I decided to start this lil gem of a book. I had read other books from this author which I really enjoyed. Sweet Home is the first installment of a what I just found out to be a 4 book series. The story follows Molly a British student that transfers to (AU). And a jock and start football player from University of Alabama named Romeo Prince. Both of them come from such different backgrounds and worlds yet so emotionally damaged that they find one another and find comfort within each other. I loved the plot and all the smaller back stories that start emerging with the other characters that we get introduced to. I believe that's were all the other books from the series come in.....(But those reviews to come..lol) Its like the author made a book about a love story and struggle entwined with all this other characters stories. And I really enjoyed that. I know that some readers prefer to focus in that one story that the book is written for, but having all this back drop stories I believe makes the book so much better. Molly and Romeos story is such a wonderful love story that I enjoyed every minute of it and could not put the book down. I could not believe that I finished the book in one sitting. The only thing I can complain about the book, is  about Romeos character he came out sometimes to be so possessive and pushy, very pushy!.... the word strangle him would pop in my head..lol. But I think in the end and when the book was coming to a close,that same pushiness is what made me love Romeo's character even more.